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Muster Right Here - Mar 10 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Take SEATS!!! AT EASE!!! There have been times, in our history, when it was as vital, or more so, for people to step up & become active in the defense of our homes, families & each other.

We are, presently, faced with a world where increasing numbers of people are being recruited to a religion that seems to have (as a core principle) the idea that if you don't believe and act EXACTLY as I do, it is my mission to kill you, regardless of how many innocents I kill, in the process.

We are also faced with a world society that is so decadent and weak that, instead of telling those people that this behavior WILL NOT be tolerated & WILL lead to the demise of their "religion", many people wish to "understand" them & what WE may have done to "anger" them.

Bulletin to all of MY Troops: If someone is threatening you or yours, the only parts of his "psyche" that are important are those that will give you a clue as to his plan of attack, his next move, where he may be vulnerable and how you can TAKE HIM OUT!!! Once he has posed a threat, the time to talk & "reason together" is LONG PAST!!! If he had wanted to talk, he wouldn't be threatening.

NOW, if you are part of a society whose "leaders" look at terrorist actions as a cue to "sit down with them and talk", DUMP THE IDIOTS!!! I have said all of that, to say this: Even if you are not able to shoulder a rifle or even stand up for long periods you can contribute to the safety of your family, friends & community at large.

There are volunteer organizations, such as State Military Reserves (in almost every state, that contribute to the readiness of our combat troops) Civil Air Patrol, that assist the military in reconnaissance, rescue, etc. REACT and Amateur radio groups that monitor emergency frequencies and assist police agencies and other civilian government agencies.The list is long and varied. The point is the old saying "Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen & some people may (eventually) wake up & wonder WHAT happened." A more useful old saying is,"If not now, when? & If not me, who (or whom)?"

If you are watching the world go to he77 in a bucket, or have your head in the sand (or elsewhere) you are no use to yourself or anyone else. Some people may say, "I did my bit. Now it's time for somebody else to do it."

In some respects there is some legitimacy to that attitude, but only with regard to things like carrying a 70lb field pack through the boonies with a rifle and a full load of ammo.

If there is ANYTHING that you COULD do and you DON'T, I feel sorry for you, when you meet innocent victims, in the after-life & they ask you why YOU let them die, when a few hours of your precious t.v. time (or whatever your priorities are) could have saved them. If you contribute it WILL make a difference, not for everyone, but for SOMEONE, somewhere & that's all anyone can do.

Assignment: 1)Hold your government employees accountable. 2)Find a volunteer group or activity that contributes to the safety of society. 3) Pray for those in charge and those who stand at the wall, patrol the beat, or wait to be called out to have a quiet shift. 4) Go the "extra mile" to be useful.

DO YOU HEAR ME!!??? (and everybody said,"HOOAH!!!) That's what I want to hear! God bless y'all & the guardians, especially those in harm's way. God bless America!!!

(HOOAH!!!) Dis -MISSED!!! Sgt.Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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