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Muster "RIGHT" Here©
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Muster Right Here© - Mar 08 2013
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

I'm sorry if this seems a bit cold-blooded and unfeeling. Please pray for me.

Un-COVER!!! (Silent prayer or contemplation.)

In Jesus' Name I pray!!! COVER!!! Take SEATS!!!

Every time I hear or read about someone who has been attacked by a shark, I can't help thinking about other people who go on "nature hikes" and are mauled by various animals and it makes me want to scream, "ARE YOU STUPID OR WHAT??!!!"

Seems logical, to me, that if you don't want to be "shark bait", you stay the HE77 out of their water. If you don't want to be a snack for a bear (or whatever) don't go wandering through their hunting grounds or (if you feel you must) go prepared to defend yourself.

The predators don't make any distinction between stupid humans and their normal prey. It's a situation of "Meat, YUMMM!!!".

I told the "Little Corporal", when we first decided to leave the valley and live in the mountains that any outside activities would be accompanied by a firearm.

I'm not bloodthirsty or "gun heavy" & (as I told my former Commander, about mountain lions), "I'm not hunting THEM. If they decide to hunt ME, them we are going to have a serious disagreement, which I intend to win."

On a recent trip up the hill, to fix our water line, there was SOMETHING out there, with me. I didn't seek it out, nor did it seek me. It kept reminding me that it was there, but didn't get within sight or attacking distance and I was cool with that.

Had it violated my space, I would have had no compunction about ventilating it, but that was not the purpose of my trip. I don't hunt (if at all) the animals around my home.

Most of them understand this and (while we only get "chummy" with the chipmunks, tree squirrels, rabbits, foxes, quail and a few other varieties of birds) the deer and other animals seem to understand that we're no threat and accept us as neighbors.

If a bear comes thru and causes no problems, we don't HAVE any problems.

The difference is that we have established our territory and (pretty much) stay within it.

If we go outside of it, we make enough noise so that they can get away, but we are not making noise that they could confuse with food, such as a swimmer splashing around or anything else that might attract an attack.

We (also) don't leave food around that might attract anything other than our "pet" birds & other critters.

Frequently, especially at night & if the neighbor's dogs bark, I'll go out and discharge my shotgun, to remind the wild life that I am there and that they REALLY don't want to mess around, here.

Bottom line is, if you are going to go where the predators are and go unprotected, expect to get you A$$ bitten. Just make your peace with God and ask him to forgive you for failing to protect what He has given you (just as you should if you go into dangerous neighborhoods, unarmed) and ask Him to watch over your families, if you don't make it back.

So far, in over 60yrs, with tolerance for all and malice toward none, He has allowed me to come back.

I do borrow one tenet of Islam (caps for any good Muslims, those not trying to kill us), "Trust in God, but tie up your camel."

Short class, today, but remember what I've told you about barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer and all of the other cesspool sludge, "They ARE coming after us (U.S.)", and I don't want you Troops to be part of the unwashed masses who are unprepared and run to us for help and protection. I'll give you a butter knife & tell you that if you can come back with the weapon of one of the bad guys, THEN I'll spend my time training you to be an efficient counter to the anti-American forces of evil.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, thank You for the many blessings You have given us. We ask for Your continued blessing and guidance. In all things I thank and praise You and, especially for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, HOOAAHHH!!!

Cover!!! Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt.Mack out, closing station and leaving the air.

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