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Print | The o(WHATTA)bummer cabal's conspiracy, in restraint of trade and other short subjects
Muster Right Here© - Mar 06, 2016
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

Did I not tell you Troops and everyone else that the socialist was coming, 7 loonng years of "...fundamentally transform(ing)" ago? Has he not fulfilled my warnings and his promises? Normally, I might be tempted to say, "Nanner, nanner, nanner I was RIGHT (as in correct) and all of you idiots who argued with me were WRONG!!!

Reminds me of a time I was on jury duty and, in response to all of my well constructed (and noted) facts and arguments, I kept hearing, "I don't care. 6 cops on that guy was excessive force." Then, one of the other super-twits said something like, "It's not fair. You've got all of the good arguments and we don't." If you've ever watched the 3 stooges (I won't compare them because my wife says it's an insult to the stooges.) but I wanted to line them up and do a "stooges" "picket fence" slap.

Un-COVER!!! (Silent, individual prayer or contemplation.)

In Jesus' Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!

Cover! Seats!!!

I kept wanting to ask, well, you stupid twits, why are you arguing with me????

I took 1 look at him and said (to myself) YARDBIRD!!! So, his testimony has to be taken with a sack of salt. O.K., now let's see if the D.A. can convince me that he did THIS thing.

I felt like I was trying to herd CATS!!! We finally convicted him on something like 11 counts, were hung on 2 and not guilty on 1. Actually I was pretty sure he was guilty on all, but couldn't get those 2 and on the last 1, the evidence of intent was shakey.

On o(WHATTA)bummer, I had the evidence, out of his own mouths (all 3 of them) and his own books, 1 of which I read and gave up on the 2nd, when the cesspool sludge was in danger of slopping into my boots.

The latest unconstitutional breach, in violation of settled law, is the o(WHATTA)bummer jack-booted thugs telling banks that if they loan money to people in the firearms industry, they risk being harrassed by punitive, frivolous, "fishing expedition" audits that would burden their operations, so that the banks would cease funding these "objectionable" industries and businesses.

Can you say "conspiracy in restraint of trade?" How about, "abuse of power?" Dictatorial abuses? Malfeasance of office?" Can you say "THROW THE BUMS OUT???!!!" "IMPEACH the cesspool sludge?"

I can't even ask "What part of '...the RIGHT of the people to KEEP and BEAR arms shall NOT be INFRINGED'. don't you understand? I don't think they misunderstand. I think they are in REBELLION against the "Law of The Land" and against the legitimate government, us, U.S!!!!

If the corrupt 'government' is "infringing" on the right of citizens to ACQUIRE arms, doesn't that sound like a 2nd Amendment violation AND violation of their oaths of office, "you go to'splain this to me, Lucy!" Shore does, to me. 'Course I ain't no harvard law perfessor, which just means I won't lie to you.

If you aren't voting CONSERVAdTIVE, in Nov., you are selling your descendants into slavery!!! A vote for a lib/left is a vote for that!!!

Now let's talk about the (in)justice of the "justice" system, worldwide. Heard a lady on the Dennis Prager Shoo recounting how she (a Christian) and her friend (a Jew) were hacked to pieces by a couple of muslim cesspool sludge, her friend to death and she, nearly so, while the cesspool sludge laughed and "smoked & joked". The fact that there are miscreants who will do these things is bad enough but after bragging about it in court, 1 was sentenced to (I believe) 130 years (and I heard nothing about "at hard labor" and the other, 35 years.

I have a much better idea for these cesspool sludge. Wrap them in pig skins and put them out on the firing range with their vital parts protected against a fatal shot and their joints designated by targets. 15-30 minutes of sustained fire and we could see if they were still "laughing boys". Then, let it be known that this will be the standard punishment for this kind of attrocity.

Oh, LOOKY HERE!!! Some kalifornia ASS-embly-person(?), aptly named "low" has decided that the gov't can't send people to states where they practice religious freedom. Isn't freedom what the left is always crying about? They don't want state emplyees sent to an area where they MIGHT be made to feel uncomfortable. Oh wait, it's only the freedom of their special, protected, groups about which they are concerned. HERE'S AN IDEA!!! How about we ask the prospective traveller if relgious freedom laws will be likely to make them uncomfortable and if not, why don't you keep your over-sized, leftist vitriol-spewing trap SHUT!!!

O.K. I confess, their objections have NOTHING to do with individual freedom. It's part of a vast left-wing conspiracy to force everyone to "Be sensible. Do it MY way!!!" It's STILL part of the barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer agenda to "...fundamentally transform..." America into some image that they are afraid to let you see, because they are afraid that you aren't stupid enough to allow the "final solution". That's the one where they (suddenly) decide that all of these leftist (useful idiots) are of no more use, so gays, the poor, the sick and the inconvenient-truth speakers need to be locked up or euthanized. Verilly, I say unto you, if we lose this election at the ballot box and the juries in the jury box fail to excercise their riesponsibility to rule on the law, as well as the facts, the next box that is liable to come into play, is the bullet box.

We have ALREADY had 1 bloody civil war. Don't let them manuver us into another !!!

Now, about the stupidity part, you have to remember that they already conned the public into either voting for that stinker (b.o.) or standing by while they stole the elections. What does that say about the level of intellect, in our (once) great country??? HMMMMMM!!!

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, it's coming down to the wire. If we lose this election, we may just have to wait for Jesus. In the meantime, again we ask for Your blessing and protection. In all things we thank and praise You and, especilly, I thank you for the Gift and Sacrafice of your son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray. HOOAAHHH!!!

COVER!!! Dis-MISSED!!! God bless and keep y'all and God bless AMERICA!!!! HOOAAHHH!!!

Sgt. Mack closing station and leaving the air

All opinions stated in this class are the opinions of the instructor and may not reflect the opinions of the Editor and publisher.

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