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Muster Right Here© - Feb 20 2015
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

It seems to me that a lot of consternation is being wasted over a simple proposition. When you are dealing with a vile, noxious, creeping blob of putrescence, such as flesh-eating bacteria, the taliban or isis, the only remedies are surgery or to burn out the infection.

Un-COVER!!! (Individual prayer or contemplation.)

In Jesus' Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!

Cover! Seats!

As I have (previously) stated, we need to take the kid gloves off, when dealing with this kind of cesspool sludge!

We need to take a lesson from the Jordanians. All convicted terrorists who are under death sentence need to be expedited into God's presence, so that they may recieve their just rewards.

The terrorists need to be told that there will be no more Mr. Nice Guy. All combatants will be shot with ammo dipped in pig blood.

All suspects will be tried under military law, as un-uniformed combatants and executed forthwith, if convicted, with one review but without appeal.

In addition, we need to begin using their own methods of execution, including burning alive and sawing off their heads.

Finally, all such hostiles should be buried in pigskins.

As a protective tactic, all of our troops should be issued a "claymore" type belt (permeated with pig blood) that they could trigger in any direction, should the cesspool sludge be about to capture them, possibly disrupting the cesspool sludge long enough to allow our guys to escape. Worst case scenario, they take some of the bad guys with them.

It is only by overwhelming the terrorists with the ferocity of our response to their insanity that they may either convinced that they need to change their employment or be eradicated.

When confronting these filth, the only workable reponse is, "Drop your weapon!!! One!!! BANG!!!" That is only if they give you time to say all of that. Otherwise, just BANG!!!

We just saw "American Sniper" and were highly impressed with Chris Kyle. It is obvious that he was an exceptional young man and a credit to his country. He saved a lot of lives and sent many cesspool sludge to their ultimate rewards.

I do have a couple of concerns with his situational response, to a couple of scenarios. If the movie is true to the events, it seemed that he might have allowed his natural reluctance to kill, which is a part of all decent hman beings, to delay his reaction to a shooting situation.

Part of the timing discrepancy I saw could have been explained by delays necessary to show all sides of the action. We may never know.

When the woman drew back her arm, with the "potato masher" grenade, training should have dictated that her arm would never have been allowed to come forward to throw the grenade

When the child witnessed the killing of the scumbag with the RPG, and Chris and I were telling him not to pick it up, he did. When he shouldered it, pointing at our troops, Chris was willing him to drop it. Combat training would have dictated that the proper response should have been to shoot. Fortunately, after he shouldered it, he dropped it.

There were only 2 possible reponses that would have comported with his training. 1) Shoot and disable the RPG or 2) Shoot and kill the boy.

No disrespect intended to Chief Kyle, but that's how I saw it.

All non-military people (especially anti-military people) should see this movie, as they should "Saving Private Ryan", "Blackhawk Down" and a few other "nitty-gritty" movies that show the "Grunt's" side of war.

Now to a different pile of cesspool sludge, homegrown.

Seems the anti-gun cesspool sludge have been up to their usual tricks, lies, obfuscation and (general) evil-doings.

Some cesspool sludge (or crazy, same result) shoots up a shopping mall (school, movie theater, military base, whatever) and there they are, waving their bloody flags, trying to make some press points out of other people's grief. "BAN THE GUNS!!!" "BAN THE GUNS!!!" "BAN THE GUNS!!!"

They lack the intellectual honesty to admit that the one universal component in these tragedies is that they tend to be perpetrated in places where guns ARE BANNED!!!

The perpetrators may be crazy, but they AREN'T STUPID!!!

If they tried to shoot up a police station, gun store or shooting range, they might get off ONE SHOT, but would (undoubtably) turn into Swiss Cheese, as all armed persons present would (surely) respond with deadly force.

The notable exception is the 2 cesspool sludge who drove into an Israeli market and one got out and proceeded to open fire. That HAD to be a case of "Suicide by proxie" as the predictable response was that both of them died in a hail of bullets from a couple of off-duty Israeli Defense Force guys and nearly EVERYONE ELSE at the market.

Now THAT is effective GUN CONTROL!!!

Meanwhile "Back in the U.S.A....", the leftist forces of evil continue to bleat their big lie message that if all of the good guys will just disarm, the bad guys will, too.

If that is true, somebody "...got to 'splain this to me..." how it is that the bad guys keep defying the left's "Gun Free Zone" signs and killing innocent people. Somehow, this does not compute!!!

Think of what happened when universal gun registration was followed (as night follows day) by confiscation, in nazi Europe. Do you suppose that the Jews were comforted by the fact that they had "Done the right and civilized thing", as they were slaughtered by the nazi cesspool sludge? I wonder how many of them had a last thought of, "Damn!!! If I'd only kept my gun, at least I'd have taken some of these cesspool sludge WITH ME!!!"

A lot of people forget that (for a time) the nazi filth were afraid to go into the Warsaw ghetto, because a few Jews, armed and without the blessings of their "sheeple" leaders made a stand that continues to inspire patriots, today. They said, "Not without a fight!!!", which they ultimately lost, but they made the statement that freemen, armed, do not have to bow their heads and submit, meekly, to having a monsterous evil take their lives and those of their families.

They were the epitome of the saying that, "It is better to light a single candle, than to curse the dark."

In their case, it was, "It is better to snuff out a single storm trooper, than to curse hitler."

When it comes to the "final solution", would you rather emulate the "Warsaw Irregulars" and strike a final blow for justice and freedom, before you die, thereby going out like a lion? Or just submit and die ANYWAY going out with a whimper?

There are a lot of military and former military personnel whom the o(WHATTA)bummer regime fear, greatly, which is why they have been labled as "security risks" or whatever term the regime used to indicate people who would not be sheeple and might ACTIVELY RESIST the subjegation of our civilians, by the rogue "government".

There are many ACTIVE DUTY personnel who would likely fulfil their oaths to the Constitution, rather than follow illegal orders.

These groups are the main reasons that the rogue regime is held (temporarily) at bay, in their drive to "...fundamentally transform..." this country.

Until they can dis-arm the majority of our trained soldiers, who would be the leaders of the militia, representing the LEGITIMATE government i.e. "WE, THE PEOPLE..." they cannot hope to proceed with the "pacification" of our land.

The task ahead of them is enormous, but they don't think they need to accomplish it, overnight. They have been picking away at our sovereignty, for years. Just as you boil a live frog by turning up the flame, gradually, so that he doesn't notice that the warm bath has lulled him to sleep and before he knows it, he's cooked, so have the evil ones been turning up the heat on us.

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance" was never more true than it is, today.

It used to be that enemies had self-respect and would issue an open challange to combat, whereupon the armies would meet "on the field of honor" and decide the issue through force of arms.

Ever since the Japanese sneak attack, the evil forces have preferred to smile in our faces and stab us in the back. It requires a higher degree of vigilance, but the alternative is to either surrender or be defeated and I'm not ready for either.

O.K. Enough on that situation. How about the student ASSociation of the univers(cesspool sludge)ity of kalifornia deciding to "divest" from the United States? I would applaud their actions, IF they would divest from taking OUR MONEY to fund their leftist cabal "education" that just (from the actions of most of their spawn that I have seen) turns out more burdens on society, with their degrees in "women's studies" and grants to study why catapillars expel intestinal gas, while cockroaches (with whom most of the alumni share many traits) don't. The above grant is a fiction of the imagination of the instructor and may NOT exist, although I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Let them divest from us (U.S.) and we should divest from THEM!!!

In other receptacles of cesspool sludge, we have a "teacher(?)" requiring students to fill out an on-line survey in which they were asked what political philosophy said that we shouldn't help the poor, because it was a waste of time and if they answered anything other than conservative, they were told that they were wrong. Is that brainwashing, or what? And she needs to have her brain(?) sterilized, because anything in there is polluted.

AND a tenured professor, at marquette univers(cesspool sludge)ity is fired because he criticized a "grad. student(?)/instructor(?)" for abridging the free speech of a student whom she had not successfully brainwashed.

I have an idea, I'm sure SOMEONE there has a pot, in which tar could be heated, and feather pillows are still available and SURELY SOMEONE could provide a rail!! Sounds like the makings of a party, with the supertwit "grad. student" as the guest of honor!!!

In the meantime, all of you Troops who are still breathing oxygen (as opposed to the methane of "academe"} but have been duped into supporting this leftist cabal, are cordially invited to contact the coven leaders and inform them that, unless they divest themselves of the offending opponent of free speech ("grad. student(?)/instructor(?) SUPERTWIT!!!) you will be divesting fromTHEM and sending your $$$ to Hillsdale College, or another of the increasingly rare institutions who remember that their job is to give the students the ABILITY TO THINK, not to tell them WHAT to think!!!

Speaking of divestiture, there is a family of a black "civil rights leader" that has chosen to opt for avarice and greed, with regard to the words of their deceased relative (which he gave freely to the public) even to the point of insisting that the use of his quotes (on a memorial dedicated to him or to all civil rights leaders) had to be purchased from them.

It is my understanding that the quotes were removed. In the spirit of respecting their desire for prostituting his memory, instead of, oh, I don't know maybe getting a job?, let's do away with Mr. King's holiday. That way we ensure against violating their copyrights.

That's ALSO a cure. We aim to please!

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, another day, another example of the mess we have made of YOUR gift, this world. Again we ask Your guidence protection and blessing. In the Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I pray. HOOAAAHHH!!!


Sgt Mack, out. Closing station and leaving the air.

All opinions stated in this class are the opinions of the instructor and may not reflect the opinions of the Editor and publisher.

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