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Print | The left is close to achieving a 'classless' society!!!
Muster Right Here© - Feb 18 2014
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

The left claims to want a "classless society". Given the "character" (or lack of same) of the people(?) they have managed to place in positions of authority (by hook or crook, with emphasis on the latter) I'd say they are well on their way to accomplishing it.

Un-COVER!!! (Silent prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus' Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!


The only problem with their assertions of desire for a "worker's paradise" is that their idea of socialism is that there will be 2 classes of people: the ruling class (them) and the working class (everyone else).

If you look at the USSR, you will see a perfect example. Everyone was "equal", but some folks were just MORE equal. They were the ones who had dachas in the best areas and ate caviar.

"All power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt, absolutely."

The "socialist" crew just gets more and more corrupt and more and more classless, in the meaning of having no class, the more powerful they become.

The rogues gallery of "socialism" includes beelzabubba and hitlery klintsky, nancy (the pile of) pelosi, teddy (hic, glub, glub) kennedy, upchuck schumer, filthy harry reid, mayor ray (chocolate city) nagen, congressman william (cold cash) jefferson and many more denizens of washington, the district of criminals, sacramento the district of criminals, left coast and many more red state dens of thieves, across the country.

Too many of them are failing to say, "Look at the record!", in their bids for re-election, because the record that may be revealed is their CRIMINAL record.

It is my fervent hope that when the left is prosecuting ideological crusade to "...transform this country..." into a socialist dictatorship or oligarchy (which is where the left has been heading, for years) our brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces will remember that they did not take an oath to any one person, such as barak hussein o(WHATTA)bummer or any group of people, such as his cabal of power base.

They need to remember that they are sworn to uphold the principles and laws embodied in the Constitution, from the upper left (sorry about the "left") hand corner of the Unanimous Declaration, the firet law enacted by our fledgling government "...of the people, by the people and FOR the people..." (and "FOR" didn't mean that the people were a bunch of sheep who required smarter people to tell them when and what to eat, etc.

Instead, it was, simply to be a representative republic, where the day-to-day functions were to be carried out by people in positions of trust and RESPONSIBLE to "WE, THE PEOPLE..." who are (legally) their employers and bosses) to the bottom right corner of the Constitution and everything in between.

When the regime finally abandons any pretext of being the legitimate government and openly rebels against the Declaration and Constitution and makes government edict their sole means of ruling the populace (& believe me, IT'S COMING) there will be a "Day of Decision" for all those who have taken the oath to",,,support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, against ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC and bear true faith and allegiance to same, so help you God...".

On that day all persons of honor and good conscience will make the right decision and honor their oaths.

Those who have been administered an oath to support the government, instead of the Constitution need to remember that their oath (to the government) is only binding as long as those in government abide by THEIR oaths to the Constitution. Once they are in rebellion to the Constitution, which describes the status of many of the "government" cesspool sludge, they are no longer the legitimate government and no loyalty or obedience is due them.

NEWS FLASH!!!! Leftist super-twit cartoonist reveals anti-gun bias that is even more illogical and lacking in integrity than MOST lying sacks of cesspool sludge are able to project.

This one seizes on the recent tragic shooting, at a movie theater in which we see the epitome of the saying, "That's where 2 fools met."

The first arrogant, self-absorbed nincompoop is (reportedly) texting in a darkened theater, during the previews. When asked, politely I guess, to cease he refuses. The offended party attempts to refer the problem to a manager and (failing to obtain satisfaction) returns to renew the confrontation. Reportedly belligerent #1 throws popcorn in the face of belligerent #2, who the shoots belligerent #1.

Talk about your "overkill" (sorry, couldn't help that).

Along comes a bucket of cesspool sludge, in the person (?) of this leftist cartoonist (read propagandist) who (?) decides to trash the NRA motto, "An Armed Society Is A Polite Society", by depicting (under a heading showing the motto) nut-case #2 shooting nut- case #1, while chastising him for his rudeness.

Listen, you lying leftist cesspool sludge, that is too stoopid to fool anyone who has even two 1/2 wits to rub together!!!! A crowd of unarmed people, in a movie theater ISN'T an "armed society" if they were armed, nut cases would either go somewhere else to vent their bile or they would (suddenly) have reasons to regret their decision to "act out". Probably 6 or so reasons that would ensure that they would not be recidivists.

Most combat-trained pistoleros would most likely draw at the first sign of a weapon and shoot if they saw a justifiable threat, and certainly at the first discharge of a weapon or hostile movement of a knife.

To use this as an example of "an armed society" shows a total lack of integrity and a willingness to lie to the public, traits I have come to expect from ALL of the lying cesspol sludge in the media. This propaganda "cartoon" is my entry in the "Tell a big enough lie..." competition, for the o(WHATTA)bummer regime, beating out, "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan..."

The facts are settled, with stats from the DOJ and FBI. When private ownership and carry of firearms increases, crime decreases and no amount of lying by the virulent, rabid, lying anti-gunners can turn the facts to support their agenda. That is why they LIE!!!

OOOPS!!! Another BULL a tin. A Colorado High school wanted to hold a celebration of America day. The story I got was that the district turned "thumbs down" on it because they were afraid of offending foreign students. Seems to me that people who come here to escape the oppressive conditions of their home countries would WANT to celebrate America and assimilate.

Those who come here to find a better life and, then, try to tranform America to fit the mold of the country they have chosen to abandon are too STOOOPID to live, much less be accepted into our society.

I believe it was the President of Australia who told the muslim immigrants that if they want the society they left, they should go back to it, instead of trying to create it in Australia.

WHOOP!!! WHOOP!!! WHOOP!!! HYPOCRITE ALERT!!! What would you say about a foul piece of cesspool sludge that pushes anti-gun legislation and gets BUSTED for carrying a piece on a school campus, in violation of a law, the penalty for which HE pushed the elevation from misdemeanor to felony?

It IS SO TYPICAL of the left to push for draconian laws to control the behavior of the "unwashed masses", while they (or their bodyguards) have carry permits to be able to protect themselves from those same "masses".

Can you say, " dianne (not so) fine stein or rosie o'dog do-do? I knew you could!!

SURPRISE!!! SURPRISE!!! The senate has "investigated" Benghazi (sp?) and "determined" that there was no fault or cover-up on the part of barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer or hitlery klintski. Can you say "Foregone conclusion?" I knew you could!! How about "Whitewash?" I knew you could !!

I mean REALLY, now, Troops, a bunch of lib/lefties "investigating" 2 of their biggest CRONIES? How about getting the fox to guard the henhouse and being surprised when all of the chickens have "vanished".

I have a novel idea, let's get the HOUSE to investigate it!!! Then, if they are "exonerated" I'll give it SOME credence, as long as it isn't done by the "go along to get along" rinos.

Skip to the end of the Holy Bible. It says WE WIN!!! Just keep working toward the goal of deserving to be a winner!!!

ON you FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, it just keeps getting deeper. Please throw us a lifeline or send Jesus back, soon. In all things I thank & praise You and, especially, for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAHH!!!

COVER!!! Dis-MISSED!!! Sgt.Mack, leaving the air and closing station.

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