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Muster Right Here© - Feb 17, 2020
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!! A muslim woman attacks a Jewish woman screaming allua akbar!!! or whatever they scream, when they attack. The massachewed cud d.a. says NOT a hate crime.

Un-COVER!!! Silent, individual, prayer or contemplation. In Jesus Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!! COVER!!! SEATS!!!

Not the beginning of a joke! I heard it on the news! Now picture that the Jewish woman has a carry permit & shoots the attacker! Dollars to do-nuts shed be charged with a felony hate crime. If THATS not discrimination, I need to hang up my computer & resign from the columnist staff.

Just as you couldnt say anything negative about barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer, without being called racist, so can you not do or say ANYTHING about islam or muslims without getting the same treatment. Thank GOD that we have a president who puts US, (U.S.) first and has no compunction about protecting this country and its citizens.

I dont advocate trigger-happiness, but the 6 second response to the bucket of cesspool sludge that shot up the Texas church was justified and admirable. Too bad the Jewish group wasnt equally prepared. Anyone who attempts violence, other than as defense against violence, needs to be stopped, DEAD!!!

The only way to stop a BAD guy with a gun, is a GOOD guy, with a gun!!!

As was said about the Texas church shooting: The only way to stop a BAD guy, with a gun, is a GOOD guy, with a gun!!! Anything else is wishful thinking and intelligent people know that you can wish in one hand and pour whatever in the other hand and THATS the one that will get full.

So, bottom line, gun-free zones are shooting galleries, for the bad or insane. No law or gun-prohibiting sign EVER stopped a crime. Get with your church or synagogue and arrange for some of the steady, reasonable people to get trained and armed and train the congregation to stay out of the way, if the fit hits the shan.

In case there are no armed personnel present, identify things that can be used, in self-defense. A good example is a fire extinguisher. Best use is to get out of the line of fire and when the bad guy comes, empty it into his face, followed by using it as a club, HARD, not once, but repeatedly, until his ability to be a threat is ended. A flag staff, with a point, is useful, but not as a threat, but as a spear, energetically!!!

Look around, wherever you are, Make note of exits (and confirm that they are USEABLE, as in NOT locked, from use from the inside) then find anything that can be a weapon.

In that same vein, I read that some church-run schools are able to authorize ccw holders to be on the campus, armed. Now Im waiting for the onslaught of snowflakes lisping, We dont want to teach the CHILDREN that VIOLENCE solves ANYTHING!!!

As a matter of FACT, the ONLY effective response, to armed aggression is superior armed DEFENSE!!! Anything else is an invitation to unbridled butchery of innocents. And anyone who denies these facts is either STUPID, evil or so deluded that their aberration is contagious!!!

As we (the world) found out, in the world wars and conflicts (and has been ignored, by recent governments) appeasement whets the appetite of bullies.

As I (personally) proved, one time by ACTING as if I had the difference, which discouraged the approaching cesspool sludges and the next time by the same behavior, when I DID have it and the cesspool sludge hadnt the stupidity to find out.

And then, there is virginia. Yes, virginia, youre ALMOST as corrupt as the socialist republik of kalifornication! Can you imagine a pending bill that would outlaw single family dwellings as racist. My (Mexican/Basque heritage) wife and I (with 6 different blood-lines) live in a single-family dwelling and anyone who calls us racist needs get their heads out into the oxygen and stop breathing methane.

Then, of course, back to the totally illegal infringements on the 2nd amendment, whereby they plan to confiscate legally purchased and possessed firearms (of law-abiding citizens) to further their socialist agenda, by rendering the populace unable to defend their God-given rights, but FOR THEIR OWN GOOD, as determined by the RULING CLASS of CESSPOOL SLUDGE!!! Talk about HYPOCRITES!!!

Meanwhile, back at the fresno fish wrap I LOVE the fish wrap. Their adherents, columnists and public (incl. letter writers) tend to be as asinine (or assi-ten) as their editorial BORED.

Case in point: patty porter, fresno. 12 Jan, 2020. Mconnell breaks U.S. Constitution. Now, bear with me, cause Im not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but seems to me that any LEGAL action begins with an INVESTIGATION, which means that you begin with the suspicion that something illegal MIGHT have happened. You assign INVESTIGATORS, who IMPARTIALLY examine the evidence and people who might be involved and, having arrived at a conclusion that is supported by EVIDENCE, recommends prosecution.

What part of this process bears ANY resemblance to the announced agenda of the pile of pelosis cabal that constructed a railroad from lies, half-truths and innuendo, that began with an agenda, to impeach?

All of which points to the inescapable conclusion that the pile of Pelosi, chuck u (AKA up-chuck {schmuck}) schumer and the rest of the contents of the cesspool, as in sludge, broke the Constitution at the beginning of the conspiracy and they ALL need to be investigated, charged, given a fair trial and put so far under the prison that light would have to be piped in and, then, DONT!!!

And, by the way, in the interest of truth in journalism, something that the leftist major media abandoned MANY years ago, I will freely admit that I have an agenda. You can still find it in some libraries and encyclopedias (that have not been p,c, edited). It starts at the upper left-hand corner of the Unanimous Declaration (of Independence) and goes thru the bottom right-hand corner of the last amendment to the Constitution. I stand for the flag. I kneel for the cross. As much of a sinner as I am, if I can adhere to that agenda, Ill take whatever comes.

Sergeant Mack : I have conducted MANY investigations, both as a union shop steward and a military NCO. In ALL cases, my decision was the result of unbiased effort to uncover the TRUTH!!!

I have conducted MANY investigations, both as a union shop steward and a military NCO. In ALL cases, my decision was the result of unbiased effort to uncover the TRUTH!!!

In one union situation, the grievant brought me something that didnt sound legitimate. I reviewed the facts and told him that his grievance had no merit. He insisted on having it filed. I agreed to do so, only because the contract said he had that right, but told him that he would lose and that he would be denigrating the system.

The supervisor argued that it was a waste of time and I should refuse. I told him that the wording of the contract said , When an EMPLOYEE feels aggrieved having nothing to do with MY opinion, so I had to proceed, at step 1. I, also, told him what I had told the employee. Eventually, he withdrew the grievance and went on to become a better shop steward than I was, holding mgt. to answer for many LEGITIMATE violations.

If there is ANY justice, in the system, the pile of pelosi cabal will ALL be prosecuted and convicted of conspiracy to interfere with the President, in the lawful performance of his duties and fitted for prison garb, all the way from hitlery klintsky, thru the pile of pelosi, schift-face and anyone else who is implicated and convicted.

In the meantime, your assignment is to deluge your Senators and senators with protests about the violations of the Constitution and due process involved with this defrauding of the taxpayers, to the tune of millions of OUR $$$ and put them on notice that their ability to continue in their lavish lifestyles, on OUR $$$ is DIRECTLY dependent on their support (or lack of it) for the President who has KEPT his PROMISES and IS MAKING AMERICA GREAT, AGAIN!!!

There should ALSO be a reckoning !!!

There should ALSO be a reckoning, whereby the demoncr-ASS-ic party should, on exposure of this frivolous persecution, be required to reimburse the taxpayers for the millions it has wasted, of OUR MONEY!!!

And remember, the demoncr-ASS-ics are lying, if their mouths are movingor theyre NOT!!!

2 final points.

Good luck to the ladies who are suing over biological males, who are beating them in athletics. AND aocs ASSertion that its physically impossible to pull yourselves up, by your own bootstraps. is equivalent to being a monkeys uncle or more than 1 way to skin a cat. DUH!!! These are old, nonsensical sayings, designed to make a point. Anyone who takes them literally has no business in congress. If you cant impeach her, for various crimes, run, dont walk to your polling place & un-elect her!!!!

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your continued Grace, to us, and we ask You to continue to guide and protect us (especially our guardians, wherever and however they serve) along our stumbling ways. Especially I thank and praise you for the Gift and Sacrifice of You Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!


Sgt Mack, leaving the air and closing station, HOOAAAHHH!!!

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