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Print | The LEFT Is In Rebellion, Against The Constitution
Muster Right Here© - Feb 10, 2021
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

With the MOUNTING evidence of illegal conduct, violating the federal Constitution AND the Constitutions of various states, it has become ABUNDENTLY clear that the rule of law is diametrically opposed to the actions and philosophy of the left. Un-COVER!!! Individual (silent) prayer or contemplation. In Jesus Name I pray. COVER!!! Seats!!!

The demoncrats (or demoncraps, if you prefer) have a long and blatant history of lies, conspiracy to violate laws and to commit violent acts, against the Constitution and the people of the various states and the UNITED STATES. Recently I read about an investigator who has uncovered a sufficient number of fraudulent votes in about 5 states to have altered the outcome of the 2020 election.

AGAIN, I encourage the gathering of a Convention of States ... Sergeant Mack

AGAIN, I encourage the gathering of a Convention of States, the body that created the Unanimous Declaration and the Constitution. The convention of states SHOULD be able to correct corruption of Nov. 3 and oust the TOTALLY illegal bite-me/cacamala regime . Dont be a bit surprised if the cabal uses force to attempt to cancel the convention of states.

Until the population, at large, accepts that these people(?) are evil and must be resisted with force of arms, if necessary, there is no hope of returning this country to a Constitutional government. When the cabal begins to gin up to confiscate firearms, the individual states will need to ALREADY have plans to either secede or have laws in place to prohibit enforcement of unconstitutional federal laws.

A law that is repugnant to the Constitution Is void.

A law that is repugnant to the Constitution Is void. (Justice Marshall) quid-pro-quo-joe-bama has (unilaterally) created dozens of such and will continue to do so until the judiciary asserts its status as a co-equal branch and declares them un-Constitutional and tells the congress that their support of or passage anything similar will be treated the same AND the states must protect their citizens against the despotic federal government.

When the federal government goes rogue, the states must prepare to repel boarders, by activating their National Guard, to protect their state government and citizens, but NOT by firing the first shot. Let it be clearly shown that the feds have attacked peaceful citizens who are simply protecting themselves.

Chances are good that the soldiers will choose the Constitution over the rogue feds. ... Sergeant Mack

Chances are good that the soldiers will choose the Constitution over the rogue feds.

Unfortunately, it has become clear that the joe-bama-bite-me regime has an agenda that is based on the subjugation of this country, possibly with the aid of the chi-coms (where did the virus originate that has enabled them to shut down our country, under executive orders?) to finish fundamentally transforming America to amerika.

That means that every patriot needs to be ready to water the tree of liberty with our blood & the blood of the tyrants. Everyone else will be slaves to the state uber alles, until Jesus returns to cast the demoncraps into hell.

In the meantime, it is up to us, U.S. to hold up the banner of freedom, under the oppression that is, surely, coming, no, its here.

May God grant you the discernment to identify the minions of satan & the strength to resist them.

Heres a hint: If they are part of the joe-bama-bite-me or the cacamala regime (after they dump joe-bama-bite-me) its a pretty sound bet theyre demoncraps, so watch your 6.

In Jesus Name I pray, HOOOAAAHHH!!

Sgt Mack, leaving the air, closing station & packing for the re-education camp.


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