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... and need lefty "judges" to run their lives
Muster Right Here© - Feb 07 2012
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

Well, Troops, here we are (again) under the thumbs of a despotic ruler, the leftist, activist "judges". When we pray, I'd like those who pray to pray for forgiveness, not only from God, but from all those Troops who died so that we would have freedom and we, in our laziness, stupidity and apathy have allowed our country to be taken over by the left's forces of evil. That's right, I said EVIL. Any group that goes against the God-given Constitution, perverting it for their own ends is EVIL & I don't care how politically incorrect that makes me. I am fulfilling my oath to the Constitution and anyone who doesn't like it can do some things that are within my vocabulary to express, but I can't say them here.

Un-COVER!!! (Prayer/ meditation time)

Hooahhh!!! COVER!! Take SEATS!!!

The 9th circus court has, again, given the "bird" to the voting majority of kalifornication.

They are being supported by a stridently vocal minority that lives by the motto of "If we can't get our way at the ballot receptacle, we'll get it at the toilet receptacle", wherein lives the cesspool sludge leftist-activist judiciary.

Witness the citizen passed immigration law, that was struck down by (can you say cesspool sludge? I knew you could) the leftist-activist judiciary, who HAVE to be in the pockets of the leftist democ-RATS!!! (Which doesn't mean the true, patriotic DEMOCRATS.)

Why else would they flush out rulings that have such a profound effect on demographics in FAVOR of the LEFTIST democ-RATS?

Remember, "illegal aliens" is a politically incorrect term, now. Now, it is "undocumented democrats".

Just as "same-sex marriage" is now "marriage-your-way-as-long-as-it-is-gay-&-lesbian-because-WE-don't-believe-in-any-other-form-of-departure-from-the-norm-like-polygamy-or-bestiality-which-WE-think-are-gross-&-WE-control-the-judges".

Sorry about the length of that "political correctness", but I didn't create it, just called it what it is.

Now all these "inclusivity" people are telling the majority of our people "We run things & the Bible is out & if you don't like it, LEAVE!!!"

Well, they may get their wish, as more & more productive people are leaving the anti-God, socialist republic of kalifornication and going to places, like Texas, where they still believe.

We DO need to make a last-ditch effort to break through the left's brain-washing (although I'm not sure there is much to wash) & set some people straight.

All of those people who believe that the bible should be kept out of law need to actually READ the founding documents of this country. See how many times the FIRST legal document, the Unanimous Declaration, mentions God and how He has given us our rights, not some left-leaning judiciary.

The Constitution does not have the same references, but it was written and ratified by the same people who ratified the Declaration and rests and depends on the Declaration. No Declaration, no Constitution.

No Declaration, we're still colonies of England. I realize that this concept is foreign to people who need a left-handed crutch to avoid falling on their left buttock, but it is no less true.

The Unanimous Declaration and the Constitution ARE a 2-volumn set. They are inter-dependent. No Declaration, no Constitution. No Constitution, the Declaration has no authority.

The Declaration establishes a set of principles, by which the subscribers intended to live, including freedom from despotic rule. The Constitution is the enabling document that tells how they intended to accomplish their lofty goals.

Now the activist judiciary is trying to return us to despotic rule, THEIRS!!! If we allow them to succeed, we might as well just ask the left how we should vote, on every facet of our lives, so that we have a SEMBLANCE of citizen rule. Then, the left can proclaim, to the world, SEE HOW DEMOCRACY WORKS? OUR CITIZENS VOTE WISELY & THE COURTS UPHOLD THEM!!!

Oh wait a minute, we are ACTUALLY supposed to be RUNNING the show!!! How about, instead, we throw out the activist "judges" and get some people who will not perjure themselves, when they take the oath to "... preserve, protect and defend the Constitution..." ?

I know it well, having taken it 3 times. The main difference is I MEANT IT!!! You know that part about "...no mental reservations or purpose of evasion..."?

When people dishonor their oath, we should prosecute them for perjury, on the basis of those 2 clauses.

Where does the "clean-up" effort, to shovel out the cesspool sludge start? It starts in your home, when you teach your kids the TRUE meaning of the Unanimous Declaration and the Constitution, to counteract the "politically correct" version.

Get a copy of the "Federalist Papers" and read things with them such as that no one ever intended that the citizens would not have the right to protect themselves by force of arms.

You should teach them that they should not allow their teachers to spoon-feed lies to them. Explain to them that their teachers may be teaching what the state, or the teacher's union require them to teach and that they may need to regurgitate it to pass tests.

They should learn to separate the garbage from the truth, doing what is needed to graduate, without allowing it to warp their core values.

Take the time to discuss the ramifications of allowing big government to run (and RUIN) their lives.

YOU must take the initiative to have the attitude that if war (of the political philosophies) has to come, "...let it begin with me..."

Again and again and again I will say, "If you think freedom is too much work, try slavery!"

If you don't stand up for freedom, once you are in chains, you may never be able to stand up, again.

Time is running out. When you face the Judge of the world and he has all of your predecessors behind him, how will He (and they) view your contribution (or lack of) to the world and the country He gave us?

Will He and they say "Well done!!!" or will they turn their backs on you and you slink away in shame?

To paraphrase Edmond Burke, All that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good men (and women) do nothing. That is every bit as true, today, (if not more) as when he first said it.

Considered in that light, if YOU do nothing, YOU are aiding and abetting evil.

Think about it!!!

Off your dead gluteous maximi & ON YOUR DYIN' FEET!!!

Un-COVER!!! (Prayer/meditation)

Heavenly Father, I have done my best to touch their hearts with the urgency of our situation. I pray that You will will open their hearts and minds to the message, as You inspired our founders. I pray that You will keep our guardians safe & send them back to their families.

I ask Your blessings on the work of my unit, to increase our preparedness and reduce casualties from any type of disaster. I ask You to guide our country and make it the shining city on the hill, an example of Your people to the world.

In all things I thank and praise You and especially for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray.



Sgt. Mack, out, leaving the air & closing station.

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