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Muster Right Here© - Feb 06, 2022
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

Be looking for this bumper sticker. If I can get a good deal on mass producing and marketing them, Ill be putting them out ASAP. If any of you Troops have a connection and can hook me up, Im not greedy. Ill share the wealth.

Un-COVER!!! Silent, individual, prayer or contemplation. In Jesus Name I pray, HOOOAAAHHH!!!

The problem with woke culture is, its an oxymoron, perpetrated by what Bugs Bunny would call a bunch of oxymaroons. They are a bunch of self-aggrandized snowflakes, without a scintilla of a clue among them. That wouldnt be bad. Im perfectly happy to see a bunch of over-educated no-nothings sit around and contemplate each others navels but its when they try to influence society, as in the case of the squat (dont know squat/not worth squat) and some of our other woke politickians that some real damage can be done and the woke public sheeple just follow along as if they had good sense, which they dont or they wouldnt be following these super twits.

If Its Woke, No Joke, Its Broke ©/

The other problem is that the people who HAVE good sense are afraid to speak out, for fear of being marginalized as a HATER. Well, you betchum, Red Ryder, IM a HATER. I HATE STUPIDITY!!! AND I HATE FASCISM, which is what all of these suppressive movements are. You have to support lgbpqxyz marriages or youre a HATER. You cant criticize a black politickian (even when he/shes crooked as the dogs hind leg) or youre a HATER.

You know, Ive always said that I can excuse ignorance, cause weve ALL got it, about something. Shoot, Im about the epitome of ignorance, but I try very hard not to lop over into stupidity, by opening my mouth where it doesnt belong. Been there done that, got smacked down and have tried VERY hard to avoid a repeat, only speaking, authoritatively, on subjects on which I HAVE some authority. Otherwise, I might venture an opinion and invite correction or follow the advice that the Lord gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth, to indicate that we should listen at least twice as much as we speak.

That said, we have, recently, been assailed by some of the most asinine pronouncements (even asiten, on a ten-point scale) and mostly lies, from our politickian class, that have ever been uttered by charlatans, grifters, con-men, snake-oil sellers and other nere-do-wells throughout history. You might say that (in a way) we are privileged to live in the time of The Big Lie, when the biggest scams in history are taking place and we are witnesses to it all.

I mean o(WHATTA)bummer was bad enough, with the obama doesnt care medical debacle, but JOBAMA and his leverage over the taliban and not leaving anyone behind I think qualify him as the UBER liar-in-chief.


Just informed, by the Florida Family Association, that panera breads advertises on the reidout show, which promotes anti-white lies and propaganda.

Effective IMMEDIATELY ... the Lil Corporal and I will buy no more of their breads and encourage all of you Troops to follow suit. Among other lies they, apparently disparaged Kyle Rittenhouse, the court and the jury that found him innocent. They have a 1st Amendment right to spread such vitriol, unless it can be found to be actionable.

We, likewise have an inalienable right to speak against their evil and not support their supporters. ... Sergeant Mack

We, likewise have an inalienable right to speak against their evil and not support their supporters. So, reidout show, GET VAXXED!!!! panera, I, hereby and herein and herewith pronounce you to be WOKE, one of the strongest condemnations I can issue, in these pages. You will be condemned to wear that mark of infamy until such time as you, publicly, apologize for the transgression of supporting those who do great evil and warp the minds of the uninformed public!!!

I say, again, you are, WOKE, WOKE, WOKE!!! If this brings discomfort to any good people in local panera shops, I deeply regret that, but would suggest that all of the local shops organize a protest against the actions of corporate and see if you can help them have an epiphany. If they reverse course, as stated, I will remove the condemnation. Almost everyone deserves a 2nd chance.


Here I pause for the unusual action of, publicly lauding 2 courageous Democrats. Thats right, I used the capital D. There is an old saying that the more opinion that is arrayed against you, the more chance that you were RIGHT! The Honorable (and I DO mean HONORABLE) Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, I hereby, herewith and herein confer upon you the Order Of The Spirit Of America, for your courageous defense of one of the basic, Founding mechanisms of our government, the filibuster, by which the minority can avoid the tyranny of the majority, against overwhelming pressure from your own party.

It takes courage to oppose your opponents. It takes raw GUTS to oppose your friends, when you know they are wrong.

It takes courage to oppose your opponents. It takes raw GUTS to oppose your friends, when you know they are wrong. I, MSG Mack, Senior (and most politically incorrect) Columnist for Porterville Post, salute you!!!


Now HERES a bit of irony. megan rapinoe, star of woke rants against the country that sponsored her to become a womens soccer star, is boo hooing the fact that she has been cut from the team. Well wake up, woke, and smell the cesspool sludge that is YOU!!! Had you NOT been cut Id have been excoriating the American Olympic Committee for NOT cutting you, you super TWIT!!!! Win, lose or draw, the team is better off without YOU!!!

Theres an old cowboy saying that, When you take a mans money, you ride for the brand . That means that you are loyal in word and deed. If you have criticism, you take it to the boss and keep your mouth shut in public. Well, twit, you wouldnt make a pimple on a BAD cowboys butt!!! So, suck it up, twit, and learn something, if you have the capacity. Dont bite the hand that feeds you.

OH!!! Heres ANOTHER bit of GOOD NEWS!!!!

I understand that KANSAS is standing for liberty and Doctor/patient rights. My sources say that, if a Doctor writes a prescription for one of the non-federally-approved (for the chicom virus) but effective treatments, the State REQUIRES the pharmacist to fill it.


A haven for Ivermectin users!!!! Still taking our maintenance protocol of Ivermectin, Zinc, Vitamin C and D3. Havent started grazing in the grass, yet, although we do eat oats and apples. AND not a trace of chicom virus!!! The govt is LYYYIINNG!!!! DUH!!!!

O.K. Gotta get the POOP to the Troops, so, On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, thank You for the Good News that You have provided since the coming of Your Son and for the Promise of His Return. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!

Sgt Mack, out, leaving the air and closing station, HOOOAAAHH!!!

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