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Print | Assasinations of iranian nuclear scientists, etc.
Muster Right Here© - Feb 03 2012
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!! During our prayer/meditation time, I would like those who pray to include the coming together of all peoples in peace and harmony, but failing that for God to grant us (U.S.) the ability and the will (and the leadership) to stomp the #^*> I pray that we never get arrogant enough to go seeking trouble, but it is a proven fact that when we are perceived as strong, we are less likely to be attacked. Un-COVER!!! (Silent prayer or meditation.) HOOAAHHH!!!


Welcome to Foreign Policy/Statecraft 101! I am your instructor, Sgt. Mack.

There has been a lot of discussion, in recent weeks about the assassinations of iranian nuke-sci. guys.

One pencil-neck says that, if Israel or America is responsible, we have lost our moral compass. BRAVO SIERRA!!!

Another writer, and a fine, upstanding example of manhood and his profession, says that it is far better and more moral to take out the sources of iran's possible acquisition of nukes, which we have EVERY reason to believe that they will use on Israel &/or us, than to stand around dithering about the problem until they DO IT and, then, we or Israel will have to retaliate killing millions of iranians, & SOME who may be INNOCENTS.

If you just take out the nuke-sci. guys, at least you know that they aren't innocent, because if you take the devil's dime or work in his interest you damn yourself, along WITH him.

Let's personalize it, for a moment. If some loud-mouthed bully (let's call him i'm-a-wack-job) announces, loudly and publicly, that he is going to bomb your house or machine-gun or shotgun your family, then proceeds to drive up in your driveway and assemble his bomb or gun, would YOU wait until he was ready to eradicate your family?

If you took him out, while he's in the process of getting ready & I'M on the jury, I'M voting for self-defense!!!

On top of all of this, don't forget that there ARE some Iranians (caps because THEY deserve the respect) who don't SUPPORT i'm-a-wack-job & are working AGAINST his wacko schemes. THEY may be the ones who are taking out the nuke-sci. guys to AVOID the regime doing something that would require a lot of innocents to die.

Either way, if Israel or America (which I kind of doubt, under o(whatta)bummer) is removing i'm-a-wack-job's nuke guys or it turns out to be his OWN people, I say HOOAAAHHH!!!!


If someone had the guts & foresight to do it to hitler, it would have saved millions of lives. Instead, chamberlain et al kissed his backside & we had WWII.

When own his people finally had enough of him & tried it, they muffed their chance.

So, where's the moral high ground? Sure as HE77 isn't with the "Oh, mithter i'm-a-wack-job, you go ahead & make nukes & we'll do nothing but call you a bad man." faction!

We need people, in leadership, whose main qualification ISN'T their membership in the "blame America b-4 lunch bunch" or the latest "apology tour", but people who will stand up & say "You don't 'futz' around, with Uncle Sam!!!" "It is neither healthy nor a good career move!"

Now, let's consider the move to make English our official language. Consider the "Pros", for a moment. Last I checked, English was the language of commerce. It was the language in which this country's founding documents were written.

My immigrant ancestors AND my Native American ancestors found it advantageous to learn it.

I have (personally) witnessed that bi-lingual people, who find themselves faced with a frustrating situation tend to utilize it, to express their frustrations, which may or may not be good, but is offered as a fact.

Now, how about the "Cons"? Yes, Sgt., it isn't the easiest language to master & I agree that Spanish has a better idea, where they put the punctuation at the beginning of the sentence, so you can tell if you should sound questioning or irate.

Anything else? O.K. All in favor of English as our official language, raise your hands. (Counting.)

O.K. Opposed? Yeah, I thought YOU two would be. The motion is carried! Now, I don't know or care where you two originated, but I'll have to agree with the Australian leader who said that part of immigration is assimilation.

We can help you assimilate, but you don't come here & insist that we accommodate YOU. If you aren't here to become part of us (U.S.) in EVERY aspect (including learning OUR language) maybe this isn't the place for you & you should try somewhere else.

I'll be happy to take up a collection right NOW, if you'd like to DO that. No? Yes, see me after class & I'll be glad to refer you for English tutoring. Welcome to America, BROTHERS!!!

Last, but not least, the republic-rats are eating each other, alive. They are so busy trying to play "King of the Mountain" that they are contributing to the re-election campaign (read coronation ceremony) of "the anointed one",

Unfortunately "None of the above." is not an option, if we are to avoid "Rule by Imperial Decree" which is already becoming a nasty reality, in the o(whatta)bummer regime.

You must admit that the left has provided an ideal candidate for royalty. He is imperious, condescending, self-absorbed, hypocritical (to the extent that it appears that he truly BELIEVES that his conduct is not measurable against that of we "peons" & you can spell that any way you want & it STILL applies.

To my alleged mind, the best thing the Republican Party could do, to end the imperial o(whatta)bummer regime is to draft Jeb Bush. I'm not going to say he's perfect. Even if I would lie to YOU, I won't lie to ME!, but he's done some good things in Florida and I COULD vote for him, without holding my nose, which would make it easier to see what I'm doing, free up one of my hands and help me to breathe.

Only time would tell if he could get us on the right track but, I SERIOUSLY believe he's a better choice than a socialist community organizer who hates America & has done a REALLY good job of preparing us (U.S.) for the (now short) ride to HE77 in a bucket.

"Hell's Bells", I'D be a better choice than o(whatta)bummer & I'M an IDIOT!!! IF I CAN SEE IT, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE REST OF THE PEOPLE???


All Y'all who pray need to get WITH IT!!!

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!! Time for prayer or meditation.

Heavenly Father, we're coming down to the wire, here, to decide whether or not this experiment You inspired, in government of, by & for the people is the thing to do or if we need to go back to Kings.

I have faith in Your inspiration and the vision You gave our founders. I ask You to guide our decisions make us victorious. We ask You to guard our guardians & bring them safely back to their families. In all things I thank & praise You &, especially, I thank You for the Gift & Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!


Sgt. Mack, out, leaving the air & closing station.

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