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Muster Right Here© - Jan 29, 2022
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

I was using a similar name for bin ladin (bin hadin) & transferred it to the basement boy, at the beginning of his campaign. Dont expect Ill ever get credit for it cause I dont remember publishing it. Got to remember Write it, dont say it. Oh well,

Un-COVER!!! Silent, individual, prayer or contemplation. In Jesus Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!! COVER! SEATS!!!

Victor Davis Hanson, a well-known and widely-read author said (in the Epoc Times) that the left had achieved their goals and that people are getting sick of it. I thank God for the restoration of sufficient sanity that THAT is happening. He quoted some old saws such as be careful what you wish for and, although I believe he is shading me enough I.Q. points to build a separate person, he mis-quoted whatever goes around comes around. I may be wrong about that, but dont think so. Anyway, hell probably never read my class to know that I have had the temerity to dis-agree with him, so moot point. Hes, still, one of the sharpest knives in the drawer and Im happy to read anything he has written and I agree with 99%of it.

The woke culture has put the country into a steep decline that only God or another Donald Trump-like (or the original) messenger can get us out. One of the problems is that THEY will have to be dragged KICKING AND SCREAMING into a better situation, for our country, because (like nancy pollutsi said) You have to embrace the suck. AND that is EXACTLY what THEY WANT!!!!

The demoncrap party is the epitome of nihilism.

The demoncrap party is the epitome of nihilism. The worse things are, the better they like it, because it gives them an excuse to pass more restrictive laws. Freedom is anathema to them, which is why they want to invalidate the Constitutions limits on the powers of the federal government, in favor of an ALL POWERFUL federal government, the STATE (THEM) UBER ALLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE ARE THE STATE. YOU ARE NOTHING!!!!!!!! That is why they think(?) that they can mandate vaccine jabs for EVERYONE, in spite of your religious convictions or personal convictions or commonsense. THEY DONT CARE!!!!!!!! So what if people are killed by the vaccines, or maimed or rendered non-compos-mentis? You are following the dictates of your rulers, like good little sheeple.

BULL-etin!!! We interrupt the regularly scheduled excoriation of jobama and the left for a news BULL-etin of yet another cesspool sludge municipality that has woke itself into idiocy.

This is the very nice letter I sent to them, to warn them
of the pitfalls of their proposed action ... Sergeant Mack

Congratulations, San Jose. If this ill-conceived, ill-considered, illegal bit of un-constitutional excrement is passed, you will join san fran fecesco in the pool of infamy that is the just repository for gun-grabbers and other anti-2nd Amendment cesspool sludge. Having spent some enjoyable vacation time in your (formerly) fair city, it pains me to see it descend into the depths of degradation and wokeness. It will, also, pain me to have to advise my readers and military contacts to avoid you, as I have done to san fran fecesco, and spend their tourist $$ elsewhere. Fortunately, there are STILL some places that value individual liberty and the the 3 (not so commons, anymore) sense, decency and courtesy.

I think your new name will be some permutation of "san hose you". That is just a working name, as this has been a total shock, to me. It will take some time for me to compose a suitably excoriating column and (of course) I will wait until you have actually committed the egregious act, to be able to marshal the full extent of my outrage but, be assured that the words will flow and my editor and publisher won't let the copy cool before it is before the public, presuming of course that you actually take this highly unwise action. Sincerely yours, in hopes of the commons prevailing.

R.L. McElreath MSG Ca State Mil. Res. (Retired)

It seems that the cesspool sludge in san hose you have ignored my sound advice and chosen to inflict upon their residents an anti-gun measure. They need to read Dr. John Lotts books More Guns, Less Crime 1&2 and see the Great London Gun Debate between Wayne La Pierre, of the NRA and Rebecca Peters of some lying, leftist anti-gun group, the intl action network on small arms. Every time Peters told a leftist lie, La Pierre refuted it, with the truth. Granted La Pierre has fallen into disfavor, regarding some business dealings, but on that day he conducted himself as a gentleman and a consummate debater, while Peters conducted herself as a super-twit, talking after the bell sounded and giving unsubstantiated statements. The general consensus seems to have been that La Pierre walked all over her, presenting country-by-country, newspaper refutation of the false claims she made of gun control success in lowered crime statistics.

The only solution is to clean out the cesspool sludge liberals and elect firearm-friendly constitutional conservatives who will protect your right to protect yourselves. ... Sergeant Mack

The plain and simple fact is that wherever liberals pass tight gun control, preventing law-abiding citizens from possessing the means of self-defense, that frees criminals to run rampant, without fear of the citizenry. The only solution is to clean out the cesspool sludge liberals and elect firearm-friendly constitutional conservatives who will protect your right to protect yourselves.


The left is criticizing people for taking the Ivermectin gel, which is an animal medication. If (however) the satanist jobama cabal would stop blocking access to regular therapeutics, such as hydroxychloroquine and the human dose Ivermectin we wouldnt have to resort to that.

Remember, one of my Doctors promised me a scrip for Hydroxy, as needed. And when I requested it she said,I cant do that. Who was stopping her from fulfilling her promise and her Hippocratic Oath? There are a lot of other accounts of people being denied the treatment that would save their lives.

The jobama cabal is trying to herd the sheeple into the chute to get the jab. Like it or not. Well, jobama, we dont like it and we DAMNED SURE AINT GONNA TAKE IT!!!! If you want to FORCE it on us, youll have to be on the receiving end, FIRST!!!! LIVE FREE OR DIE & TAKE SOME OF YOU WITH US!!!! BUT, before it gets to that extreme, we WILL exhaust every legal means of redress that you give us time to use.



GUNS DONT KILL COPS! LAWS KILL COPS!!!! WHEN THEY ARE MIS-ADMINISTERED BY WOKE, INCOMPETENT d.a.s and judges!!!! When these cesspool sludge public leeches fail to fulfil their sworn duty to administer the law, they cause good, innocent people to fall victim to other cesspool sludge that should be locked away to where sunlight would need to be piped to them and then, NOT piped. If I recall correctly, the recent case of a slain NYPD officer and 4 officers from a nearby jurisdiction involved circumstances where woke public servants went soft on violent perpetrators, allowing them to, Go back, Jack, & do it again.

When is the voting public going wise up to the fact that woke politicians (poly-tickians) are many blood-sucking vermin and, if they are permitting violent felons to roam the streets, they need to be shovelled out like the cesspool sludge they are. The widow of the officer said something about the lawsbeing to blame. In a way, she was right.

There are plenty of laws that prohibit violence, but the laws that give too much leeway to the administrators of those laws are entirely too lax. There needs to be a return to accountability, without interference from the woke culture. If its woke, it aint a joke, its broke!!!!!!!

c Sgt Mack 2022 ...

If you havent read the Editors World Wide Exclusive, please scroll back up and read it! I saw the video and didnt show it to the Lil Corporal. Dont think she could have handled it. AND the jobama cabal will say its only co-incidence that so many vaccinated people are having heart attacks. Well, may the bird of paradise fly up THEIR noses, TOO. Since they are wishing the jab on others, I wish any attendant mis-fortune to attend THEM, TOO.

Gotta get this out so,

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!! Heavenly Father, we look forward to seeing what You have in store for the world, as it HAS to be better than what WEre doing. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOOAAAHHH!!!!


Sgt Mack, Out Leaving the air and closing station, HOOOAAAHHH!!!!

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