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Muster Right Here© - Jan 20, 2021
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

It is long past time for the Christians of the world to start praying, intensively, for the soulless demoncrats, in the hope that (given their propensity for breaking the laws of man and God) maybe God will smack them up-side the head and straighten out their warped lives.


(Silent, individual, prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!


Now the demoncrats are blaming Pres. Trump for the riot at the capitol, which was a small-scale disturbance, when compared to the demoncrat-supported antifa/blm-supported (sponsored?) insurrections that have torn our country apart, in recent history.

There are many people who have expressed wishy-washy opinions that the 2020 election MAY have been stolen. As a firm adherent to the maxim that, Where the is smoke, there is fire, I can state, UNEQUIVOCALLY, that it WAS stolen and aided and abetted by all of the judges that refused to give us, (U.S.) our day in court. Now Im not talking about the pseudo-fire of the corrupt Trump-impeachments, but genuine fire caused by the burning of the Constitution and other laws, trashed by the left.

This dis-enfranchisement by our elected employees and their appointed bureau-rats may be the last straw ...

This dis-enfranchisement by our elected employees and their appointed bureau-rats may be the last straw, to provoke patriots to invoke the Unanimous Declarations exhortation to abolish the corrupt and evil system that has led us to this breakdown of our society and craft one with safeguards for our god-given rights, so that corrupt, evil polytickians and other leftists cant EVER entrench themselves in our system, again and work against our interests, while taking our $$$, under false pretences.

If it happens, it aint going to be pretty and I just hope that there is minimal loss of life, on the part of the patriots. Im STILL hearing about conspiracy theories. Im NOT a conspiracy theorist. Im a conspiracy FACTUALIST & with the overwhelming evidence, presented by my fellow citizens, I am TOTALLY convinced of the FACTUAL existence of a left-wing/quid-pro-quo-joe-bite-me, caca mala harris conspiracy to disenfranchise MILLIONS of Americans, in this election and fundamentally transform the U.S. into a communist country, with the government ruled by kommissars, bite me and caca mala!!!

With the lefts propensity for violating the Constitution, particularly the 1st and 2nd Amendments, it is vital that our armed service people remember that their oath is to the Constitution and NOT to the cabal that is in power. Any orders they receive need to be viewed as to their Constitutionality and ignored if they fail the smell test.

They, also, need to remember that people were convicted and executed using the defense, 'I was just following orders!!!' ... Sergeant Mack

They, also, need to remember that people were convicted and executed using the defense, I was just following orders!!! Going along to get along doesnt work, when your leaders are corrupt criminals, engaged in things like corruption of the voting process and GROSS violations of the Law of the Land.

It is, also, necessary to remember that even a legitimate Supreme Court is NOT the supreme law. It only ADMINISTERS the supreme law and (when acting within the scope of its boundaries) interprets subordinate laws, in light of the Constitution.

Such an instance is (I believe) a law that (purportedly) prohibits secession. The only problem is that (to be legal) it would require amending the Constitution (which they HAVENT ) instead of doing an end run around it. IT AINT IN THERE FOLKS!!! Tell your friends and relatives, in the armed services, that they need to read the 2-volumn document (Unanimous Declaration and Constitution) to which they have sworn allegiance.

If you have READ the Constitution, it is not hard to UNDERSTAND. Ive read it forward, backward, upside down and sideways and if I, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, can understand it, there are a WHOLE-LOTTA other folks who can, too. The salient point is that WE, THE PEOPLE are supposed to be the highest governing body in AMERICA!!! (Rush Limbaugh is always explaining things for folks in Rio Linda. I think I need to explain them to folks in Wash., the district of criminals. Salient is the obvious or most important. Dont know if they are ignorant or deliberately obtuse. Uh-oh probably have to explain that, too.)

These polytickians and bureaurats are all EMPLOYEES, subject to hiring and FIRING, at our discretion.

These polytickians and bureaurats are all EMPLOYEES, subject to hiring and FIRING, at our discretion. When they forget that, as with leftist cabal, they are in rebellion against us, U.S. and need to be put in their places and their place is NOT with their foot on our NECKS!!! But hang on to your hats, folks, cause theyre coming to take over, reducing us, U.S. to the status of peons, and you can spell that any way you want and be correct!!!

It is past time to strengthen your state and local government against federal government overreach and tyranny!!!!

The basic combat-effective unit of the U.S. military is 1 soldier, sailor, airman or marine. So it is for the citizenry, 1 free man or woman. The thing to remember is that when all things are considered, YOU are more important than any and all of the high government mucky-mucks. YOU need to remember that and that THEY serve YOU, NOT the REVERSE!!!

Ive been hearing about the fortification of the capitol, in advance of the joe-bite-me/caca mala coronation. Take a VERY good look at the barbed-wire and barricades and remember all of the leftist countries where those things are standard furniture, to control their population. If bite-me/caca mamla dont tear down the border wall it will be so that they can use it to keep us, U.S., IN!!!

Dont be surprised if the stupid people who helped them steal the election wind up fleeing what they THOUGHT (if they can be credited with the ability) they wanted and dont want to live under and have to sign over their assets (not to be confused with their heads that are in cranial rectosis) before they allowed to leave.

Well, the unthinkable has happened.

Well, the unthinkable has happened. I guess hitlery klintski is eating her liver, because she(?) was supposed to be the 1st woman (?) president and now this young upstart is only a heartbeat away from what hitlery believes is her due.If it werent so tragic, for the country, it would be funny.

Well probably have to retire, now, because politically incorrect speech will be re-defined as sedition and telling the truth as treason. I just hope that the cesspool sludge that made this happen will suffer the consequences, if they ever have the temerity to dis-agree with the kommissars. The rest of us, U.S., having moved to secessionist states, will laugh until we make ourselves sick. It will be better than the way THEYVE been making us sick, for so long.

If anyone hears of someone creating a pirate radio station, off the coast, Id be happy to tape some commentary and send it to them. Thats probably the only truth that will be disseminated, unless God opens the ground under the demoncrats, as it was shown in the Ten Commandments and sends them where they belong.

Dont get me wrong, I dont claim to be righteous, but Im not, and never have been, trying to hurt anyone who was innocent, as the demoncrats are. I plead guilty to being bad but dont believe I am evil.

So, guess we wont be able to call quid-pro-quo-joe-bite-me, quid-pro-quo-joe-bite-me or caca mala harris, caca mala anymore. Ill miss being able to tell the truth, without the risk of persecution, by the leftist regime.

God bless Pres. Trump and all of the people who will, now be the loyal opposition, loyal to the republic, but opposed to the regime and God bless America and the true Americans.

On your FEET!!! Prepare to disperse until the evil cloud is dispelled or you are called upon to help us return to honour, sanity and the country given to us U.S. by God and our founders, many of whom lost their lives and fortunes, retaining only their sacred honour.


Sgt Mack ,out. Closing station and leaving the air HOOOAAAHHH!!!

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