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Muster Right Here - Jan 20 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand easy, Troops!!!

Just want to thank and congratulate y'all who voted &/ or worked against the Senatorial election of someone who could have been a 4th witch, in Hamlet, or (at least) leading the chorus, in the background. "Double, double, toil & trouble..." The Salem witch trials would have been THOROUGHLY revenged had she been elected. You may have saved the country we love & have sworn to protect. My hat is off, to you!!!

Don't get smug, though. It ain't over 'til Jesus returns, so we have a lot of work to do, blocking the agenda of the lefties. They ain't giving up without a fight & we'll have to watch our 6's reeaal close. A knife in the back will still kill you AFTER the battle is won. Good job. I SALUTE YOU!!!

That was to be the end of the class, until something else popped up, so keep your seats & hold onto your hats, 'cause we ain't done here.

I've been hearing some people saying that obama lied about being transparent. In the words of that eminent psychiatrist (what's his name?) played by Bob Newhart, STOP IT!!!

In fact, obama is one of the most transparent con men to ever fleece a mark. B-4 the election I was telling people I could see through him. Then, I started reading his books & knew that all of the campaign b___ s___ was exactly that. He told us, almost exactly who he was & what he would do, but nobody was reading it. All they heard was "Hope, blah, blah, change, blah, blah."

The fact that he wouldn't give any specific, concrete, answers as to WHAT his changes would be, made me refer to him as an "Empty Suit." I, now, publicly, apologize for that description. That was an entirely un-called for, un-warrented, un-forgivable slur on empty suits. I have an empty suit, in my closet, that could do a better job, as President of the United States than any liberal-leftist-socialist "neighborhood organizer" that ever schemed to rip off the government (U.S., us, we-uns) which includes the combination of koolaide drinkers & dupes (& mis-led sincere, otherwise intelligent people) who voted for him. If it were possible to just allow him to govern (rule) the first two groups and not the latter & those of us who saw thru him, I'd say go for it. "You asked for it, you got it...etc."

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way so, for ill, (not good or ill, 'cause there ain't gonna be much [if any] good, until he's outta there) he's at the helm & God help us all. It takes a lot to out-four-flush Beelzabubba ("I didn't have sex with that woman... & I never asked anyone to lie about it, not once..." ,or something like that) Klintski, but I believe we are seeing a new low in four-flushedness and the liar-in-chief, Klintski, may have to surrender his crown.

The king (who planned to "rule by executive order") isn't dead, yet (may the country rest in peace, without him, soon) but he is being deposed & I can only say "Long live the new king", somewhere else & with no power to harm anyone.

The only thing (short of the second coming) that I can see helping us is to oust the "dangerous party" ("D" for dangerous) & replace them with the "stupid party" ("R" for reeaaally stupid, but doin' the best they can with what they got to work with, God bless their hearts & poor,dumb brains) of which, until something better comes along, I am a member.

What we REALLY need is a CONSTITUTIONAL party.

The problem is, too many people would have to sacrifice their "sacred cows" to ever make it possible. In other words, too many agendas, that are in conflict with the Constitution would be thrown out. For instance, laws that tell a preacher that he can't criticize the "gay life-style" or that prohibit Christianity from being taught (as is Islam) in public schools, would have to go, so the liberals wouldn't go for it.

Conversely, laws that prohibit early-term abortion (which would, therefore, force any female who was pregnant to carry the child to term) would be prohibited. There would, probably, be a chance to prohibit "partial birth abortion" as all medical opinion I have seen says there is never a medical reason for that.

At any rate, both sides, the far left and the far right would be unwilling to subordinate their "core issues" to the greater good of returning to the principles embodied in the Declaration & the Constitution, because both sides believe that they know better than those God-inspired old, dead patriots, who only created (under God's direction) the most powerful force for good (with all of our faults) since Jesus walked the earth & the main reason that we are not under satanic-inspired dictatorship, those of us who would have descended from those kept for slaves.

So, if you are satisfied to drink the koolaide, or sit by & watch the greatest representative democracy be torn down, in favor of the socialist state, "uber alles", the recipe is simple. Watch your sports & soaps & sit-coms. Let other people make decisions that will affect your lives & your posterity. Don't become involved in your government of, by & for the people. Let your children be taught that all life-styles & societal systems are good & equal.

The result will be that the "fit will hit the shan" & I hope you live long enough to reap the "rewards" & join your children in cursing your ignorance (or stupidity) & apathy. I've said it b-4 & it WILL be on the test, so make a note, 'cause you'll see it again. "If you ain't part of the solution, then you ARE part of the problem!!!"

Get informed, get busy! God bless y'all & GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Sgt.Mack out, closing station & leaving the air.

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