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Muster Right Here© - Jan 19 2013
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!! Sorry about this, class. The lib/left cesspool sludge is at it, again, so we have to re-visit gun control. Anyone who can't stand to hear their lies debunked, again, is excused.

Un-COVER!!! (Silent prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus' Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!! COVER!!! SEATS!!!

There has been a tremendous amount of energy wasted on trying to pass laws that are purportedly intended to "protect the children". This is one of the bleats of the sheeple who are the "useful idiots" of the lib/left.

The problem is that this is one of the lib/left's biggest lies. The entire falsehood is intended to persuade the gullible that they should submit themselves to the "protection" of the government and if you disagree, you are against protecting "the children".

There are some very good, dedicated people who have been brainwashed to believe this drivel and spend enormous energy and money in trying to spread it.

I'll guarandamtee you that (if we adopted MY program of INCREASING the "...keep and bear arms..." ness of this country) you would see some REAL protection of "the children".

A couple of years ago, a couple of cesspool sludge, in Israel, drove into a marketplace and one got out and started spraying the crowd with a full-auto weapon.

I don't know how many casualties there were, but they included the gun"man" and his driver and, if everybody and his neighbor hadn't been "packing" you might have seen another "Columbine" or Colorado or other massacre of GOOD people.

My recollection is that before he could get "tuned up" and into it, he was "Swiss cheese", followed (shortly) by his driver.

That was a fairly good outcome of a bad situation, unlike the predations that our "government" has allowed on our population, by their violations of the 2nd Amendment.

The Ancient and Honorable Society of E Clampus Vitus has a wonderfully sage and fitting pronouncement for people(?) like this: "Hang the BASTARDS", which does not refer to anyone of unfortunate birth circumstances, unless they earn the title, by their actions and/or speech.

In debunking the lies of the left, one can look at the statistics that are compiled by our own government.

The "inconvenient truth" is that no amount of law can protect anyone from someone who has decided to commit murder. They have already decided to break one of the biggest commandments, "Thou shalt not murder."

The fact is that when the "fit hits the shan", the only defense against a bad shooter is a GOOD shooter!!!

The only government program that has had a significant positive effect on reduction of violence ANYWHERE is more armed citizens. When Australia banned private ownership of firearms, firearms violence increased, because the society consisted of illegally armed criminals on one side and unarmed victims, on the other.

Two of the worst shootings that have occurred, in recent history were in "gun free" zones, such as the Colorado theater, the only one that was playing "Dark Knight Rises", where guns were SPECIFICALLY BANNED and Columbine which was a federal "gun free zone", yet the violence happened.

Some well-meaning "conservatives" have suggested having armed police or security guards in schools and other vulnerable places and increasing the size of police forces.

This has the effect of FURTHER placing the public under the control of the government and is in no way going to be effective. There is a saying, among armed citizens, "When seconds count, the police are minutes away."

Columbine had an armed security guard, who was unable to stop the carnage. Only armed staff could have been sufficiently dispersed to catch the shooters within seconds of the first shots and eliminate the threats.

An armed teacher, hearing a shot, could be in an adjoining classroom and eliminate the threat before police could even be dispatched, or a security guard could even reach the involved building.

I would bet 10 to 1 that the Texas school district that authorized permit holders to "carry" at school and PUBLISHED the fact will be a violence free zone, because evil-doers will avoid it and live to kill some innocents in a "gun-free zone".

Our states with the most draconian anti-gun laws have the worst gun violence, in addition to the other forms of violence.

A 300 pound criminal can commit murder with a club or knife or a chain, among other things. On the other hand, nothing but a firearm can protect an 80 pound grandmother FROM the criminal.

There is a story about an armed citizen who was asked why their insistence on carrying a gun. The reply was one of the most classically appropriate I have ever heard, "Because I can't carry a Cop".

As I have mentioned before, the NRA is right in their contention (backed by experience) that the mere presence of a firearm has prevented many crimes. 2 women I armed and trained, when confronted by a chemically belligerent would-be home invader were able to convince the criminals that their continued health and well-being was DIRECTLY related to cessation of attempts to break in.

While traveling out in the boonies, I was able to persuade a couple of teenagers, who were "egging on" their large dog to attack me, that (while I was not looking for trouble) if the dog charged me, they would have to carry it back. The fact that I was carrying a LARGE pistol, on my hip (and turned my body so that they could see it) probably enhanced my personal persuasiveness a BUNCH!

End of story, the teen-aged idiots found their dog's chain and attached it and I was spared a WHOLE LOTTA paperwork. Also, didn't have to take the life of a (basically) innocent animal, when the teenagers REALLY needed their butts kicked, but I'd have been arrested for doing it.

The bottom line is that I didn't depend on the good will or the good sense (?) of the punks to ensure a satisfactory outcome. As the potential victim, I demonstrated that what they seemed to be contemplating was not worth what it would cost them.

The problem is that too many people are willing to surrender their freedom and responsibilities for a promise of security from the government which turns out to be a lie. So, it turns out like republicans who "compromise" with the democrat party, by agreeing to higher taxes now in exchange for spending cuts (as Wimpy says) "Tuesday", but the "reckoning" "Tuesday" never comes.

There is another old saying that, "Those who would surrender freedom to achieve security deserve neither."

The slogan "Peace Through Strength" is as true, today, domestically and internationally as when it was first stated. Those who say we should all disarm and throw ourselves on the mercy of the goodwill of proven international criminals are not only too STOOPID to live, they want to infect all of us with their Crainial Rectosois and (in so doing would) make us vulnerable to attack, both from inside and outside our borders.

Those who want to link arms and sing "Kumbaya" should go to countries where we are hated and do exactly that, and preach at THOSE people about the human rights and international law violations THEY are committing. Then, if they survive, they can come back here and will have more legitimacy to preach to us.

What needs to be remembered is: "...endowed by the Creator with certain, unalienable, Rights, that among these are Life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of Happiness." (LIBERTY in caps, my emphasis.)

It follows with the statement that the PEOPLE institute governments, to safeguard their freedoms, NOT to infringe on, or abridge those freedoms.

The "chain of command" is God, "We The People...", The Constitution, THEN, 4th in line are our elected employees.

Anyone who acts in a way that is inimical to these freedoms has violated the founding principles of our country and should be charged with treason.

If we acted as we should, the ENTIRE o(WHATTA)bummer regime and many of the republicans, having held (or now holding) office would be, or would have been, prosecuted, as traitors.

Strong words? Maybe so, but the past and present actions of these cesspool sludge and their stated intent for future actions make these words mild, in comparison.

If any of you want to commit physical or societal suicide, go ahead. Just don't try to take the rest of us down with you.

You need to decide whether you want to be a part of the solution or be lower than a slime worm and part of the problem.

We need to keep hammering away, with the truth, because the lib/left will cesspool sludge will CERTAINLY continue to spread their lies!!!

NEWS BULLETIN!!! Just released!!! The President, CEO and Chief Statistical Analyst of the Center for Crime Control, today, stated the findings of their exhaustive study of the effect of private ownership and carry of firearms on crime.

In a startling move, Mr. R. Louis McGillicuddy announced that it has been CONCLUSIVELY established and the science is settled that 9 out of 10 people who are opposed to the rights contained in the 2nd Amendment are 0N drugs, NEED to be on drugs, or are otherwise mentally defective and should not be allowed to vote. When asked about the other 1 out of the 10, he stated that that one is a lib/leftist (socialist) and shouldn't be allowed to be dogcatcher.

When pressed on the matter, Mr. McGillicuddy explained that "A primary definition of insanity is continuing to follow an unsuccessful course of action and expecting a different result."

He said, ["A good test of sanity would be to ask the following questions:

1) If you inserted a coin into a vending machine (that had no sign indicating that it isn't working) and failed to receive your desired product, how many more times would you repeat the action?

2) If you were Charlie Brown and Lucy PROMISED to hold a football in place, so that you could kick it and had SEVERAL times pulled it away, in such a manner as to cause you to fall (painfully and ignominiously) on your backside and she gave you several LOGICAL reasons as to why it was IMPOSSIBLE to conceive that she would repeat her past performance, would you trust her AGAIN?

3) If your government asked you to allow taxes to be raised, for specific purposes and they would cut spending, in return, and you discovered that those stated intents were just a ploy to get your vote and that they didn't (and never intended to) cut spending and they came back and asked you to do it all again, would you re-elect them?

If you answered:

1) More than 3. 2) Yes 3) Yes

PLEASE!!! Do a service to your country and #1) NEVER have children, as you may pass along your aberration. #2) NEVER vote, as you will very likely vote lib/left and contribute to the downfall of this society. #3) RUN, do not walk, to a court and have yourself declared incompetent and seek a guardian.

On question #1, you might do it a second time because you think you might have done something wrong, the 1st time. You might do it a 3rd time because we all get stupid, once in a while. More than 3 and you demonstrate SEVERELY impaired judgement.

On #'s 2 and 3, a "Yes" says that you would "Drink the Kool-aid" and allow situations such as those in the socialist republics of kalifornia and new york, where they seek dis-arm the public with laws that the criminals ignore.

How much respect do you expect, for anti-gun laws, from someone who plans to do murder, which is a WHOLE lot more serious than the anti-gun laws?

As to the socialist, the 1 out of 10, they REALLY should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail, but we're (unfortunately) too civilized for that. "]

We thank Chief Analyst McGillicuddy for his contribution to freedom and to this discussion.

He recommends writings by Prof. Gary Kleck and "More Guns, Less Crime", by John Lott.

The Center for Crime Control is (surprisingly) located in the socialist republic of kalifornia and (unlike the center for disease control, which has attempted to insert itself into the gun control question, while taking taxpayer $$$s) pledges to NEVER allow itself to meddle in areas about which it is ignorant and it takes NO federal money.

The preceding is a parody of the lib/left writings of the lib/left media, but contains more truth and common sense than all of their collected spewings of cesspool sludge, combined.

Now, let's take up another topic that is dear to my heart: "Taxation, Without Representation".

Our ancestors fought a horrific war against their former brethren because, among other things, the British were taxing them, without their (the colonist's) permission.

Now we are faced with a "government" that represents itself and its lib/left/socialist backers.

At least the Brits. didn't pretend to represent our people and were, therefore MUCH more honest than the cesspool sludge in our "government".

Among other extortive measures "passed" by the o(WHATTA)bummer regime is o(WHATTA)bummer(DOESN'T)care.

It was passed over the STRENUOUS objections of the majority of the people. What the lib/left/cesspool sludge did was to survey hundreds of their sheeple and use that to convince some fence sitters that they were being "uncaring" and "selfish".

In addition, the regime's spokessludge, nancy (the pile of) pelosi told the "lawmakers" that "...we have to pass the bill, so you can find out what's in it."

Any honest person would have been embarrassed to spout that bravo sierra but the lib/left/cesspool sludge have no shame, at all.

Boy! Talk about leftist cesspool sludge. Back to (anti-2nd Amendment) gun control "pulitzer prize winning" donald kaul is right up there with diane (notso)fine stein and barack hussein o(WHATTA)bummer. In fact he has added a new dimension to their cesspool sludge spewing of illogical, idiotic bile (with apologies to diagnosed idiots, who can't help themselves and are nice people) when he added the feature of "HATE SPEECH" to his bile.

With all of the (really NON-"hate) speech" for which conservative Christians are being vilified and (in some cases, I believe falsely prosecuted) if donald kaul is a pulitzer recipient, it devalues the pulitzer just as the nobel award to o(WHATTA)bummer and yASSer arafathead devalued the nobel.

One is an avowed socialist, who is in moderate's clothing and the other, while a totally worthless piece of cesspool sludge AT LEAST had the integrity to not be "in the closet".

He announced his cesspoolsludgeness, constantly, while o(WHATTA)bummer pretends to be a Christian and a great guy.

kaul has advocated tying boehner and Mconnell (sp?) to the back of a chevvy pickup and dragging them, an action that has been prosecuted as a "hate crime" and the incitement to which should ALSO be prosecuted.

In addition, he has advocated abolishing the 2nd Amendment (the only thing that protects us from o(WHATTA)bummer establishing a dictatorship) and he, further, advocates SHOOTING citizens who choose to exercise their God-given right to self defense, by retaining their firearms.

The fact that this socialist cesspool sludge is allowed to walk free and pollute the air that, then, poisons the God and freedom-loving citizens of this once-great country is a travesty of justice and and should be rectified IMMEDIATELY. Of course since the majority of lawyers seems to be his accomplices, we'd have to hang them (for treason) first.

I will (reluctantly) consent to preside over their trials and be the hangman. Oh CAN I, PLEASE!?!?!?!?!

Before we leave this subject, let's talk about another piece of cesspool sludge, o(WHATTA)bummer's BFF (best friend, forever) chris(i'm-a-democrat-in-republican-clothing)christy, who excoriates the NRA for discussing a factual situation, re: his bosom buddie's children's school situation, while having NO PROBLEM with his lowness exploiting children, to advance his socialist anti-gun agenda.

Then let's look at HOW he used them. he had them reading anti-gun letters, to sway the emotions of the koolaide drinkers, to vilify those who won't "fall in line".

To children, the utopian situation of doing away with guns is a "comfort" goal. The only problem is that we (as logical, thinking adults) can't live in that "comfort zone".

We have to live in the real world, where bad guys don't care how many laws they break, in the pursuit of their evil ends and the only way a mother can protect herself and her child(ren?) is to shoot the home invader, until he either dies or realizes that continued aggression, toward his intended victim, could result in his death and leaves.

For adults to listen to the "over-the-rainbow" wishes of a child is at the very least irresponsible and MUCH more likely criminal stupidity.

OH, GEE!!! Let's disarm all of the law-abiding citizens and, magically, the bad guys will stop killing people. Does this make sense to anyone who is NOT breathing methane? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

We are about to go over more than one cliff, the fiscal one and the totalitarian one. The more we allow the regime to take away our freedom, the more we become vassals, to the leftist cesspool sludge regime.

Again, it's your life and your Constitution. You can defend it or allow the cesspool sludge to, further, trash the Constitution and make you a serf, instead of the citizen that God and the founders intended you to be.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly father, again we come to You with the problems of the world. We ask for Your guidance and protection. We especially ask You to protect our guardians and bring them back to their families, safely. In all things I thank and praise You and, especially I thank you for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!!


Sgt. Mack, out. Closing station and leaving the air.

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