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Muster Right Here© - Jan 18 2012
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!! Prepare for our usual Prayer/meditation time and please keep our Active Service personnel and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Un-COVER!!! (Silent prayer or meditation.) In Jesus' Name I pray. HOOAAHHH!!! COVER!!!

First off, I need to do a Mea Culpa. In my zeal to inform you & express my opinions, I often use terms that, while not obscene, may not be appropriate for exposure to "Little Troopers".

Please be assured that I NEVER want to offend anyone other than those at whom I am directing my tirades

It is my hope and stated intent to offend the "poly-tickians" (many blood-sucking vermin) who inhabit our state and federal capitols, at EVERY opportunity.

If I can't make them see themselves, for what they are (and maybe change to what they SAID they would be) I want to open the eyes of those who voted for them, by the intensity of my ridicule and condemnation and get them REMOVED!

I seem, however, to have a condition that manifests whenever my dander is up that raises the temperature of my (alleged) brain and causes some relaxation of my "checks and balances" department.

The result seems to be a "run" of "oral diarrhea" during which these questionable comments occur.

I wish to apologize to anyone at whom the comments were NOT directed, if they offended you.

As I expect that I am too old to change and don't know what I could do about this (alleged brain) "fever", the next best thing is to ask you Troops to NEVER allow your "Young Troopers" to have unrestricted access to ANY material on the internet and (as a favor to me) preview my classes with a critical eye, B-4 allowing them access.

Thank you!

Now, the C.O. of this facility has asked me to comment on the Assemblyman Tim Donnelly firearm-in-the-airport situation. As many of you know, a request (from the C.O.) is to be viewed as an order, so here it goes:

I'm not going to cast stones at him, because I'm not without sin. True, if you woke me at 0100 and asked me the location of anything from my Bowie knife, to Dad's .357 (which I inherited) I could tell you within 6", providing that someone else hadn't broken in & disturbed it.

So (especially if he has only ONE) handgun, forgetting that he placed it in his briefcase isn't real swift.

Could it happen? YES!!! Have I ever done anything equally stupid? In my mind YES!!! Granted, mine didn't have the legal consequences that his might, but it MIGHT HAVE!!!

Now, how could he have LEGITIMATELY screwed up? He claims to have received death threats. I'll take his word for it, not having pro or con info. Maybe he has been in the habit of carrying his .45 in his briefcase, from his office, to the parking garage and placing it in his trunk, a practice which I would have discouraged.

If he could carry it legally to his car, in the briefcase, I'd have recommended a holster. Much easier to respond to those pesky death threats.

I WILL, also state that his choice of the .45 Mk IV is a VERY RESPONSIBLE one. The .45 was created to give maximum reasonable expectation of a one-shot-threat-stop.

All experienced firearms people know that the fewer shots you fire to stop an attack, the less chance of a miss that might injure an innocent. Additionally, the .45 has been found to have less chance of a "shoot thru", which might ALSO endanger an innocent.

All things considered, Mr. Donnelly seems to be a fairly responsible citizen, with the right instincts, or having taken good advice.

Now, in this instance he is in his garage and has the piece. His wife comes into the garage and he places it into his briefcase. Maybe his wife (as some I know) isn't comfortable around firearms so he is trying to avoid causing her discomfort.

Very understandable. They hold a conversation about family business or his hectic schedule & don't forget that Johnny or Suzie is performing at school or has open house, etc,etc.

He hurries to pack for his trip, forgets that the .45 (which weighs about the same as his laptop & I can attest to that, as mine does) is IN THERE and attempts to board his flight, to do the business of the state and his constituents.

Is this the 1st time one of our employees has done a dumb thing? HE77 NO!!! I remind you of a statement by "the ragin' Cajun" re: his good buddy & employer, beelzabubba klintsky, "Of cawse he liied! He diiid sompin' stoopid!"

Not only did beelzabubba do "...sompin' stoopid!", but he committed PERJURY!!!

So, is Mr. Donnelly a flawed human being? YES!!!

Is he a criminal? I don't know! Has anyone mentioned previous violations? Not that I'VE heard. Does he deserve to have some consequences? Yeah, I think so.

What was his response? Seems to me I read that he had said, "I goofed." Sounds like a stand-up guy, to me. He didn't say that he was a victim of "profiling" or "discrimination" or that they shouldn't have hassled him, because he's a member of the "elite" and above such things, like a U.S. senator or rep. did, when she didn't wear her pin and a new (?) Capitol Policeman insisted on I.D.

So, my vote? Absent a criminal record, cut the guy some slack! At MOST, I might let him plead guilty to a misdemeanor (or an infraction?) maybe give him a year's probation (suspended) & let the voters decide if he keeps his job. Hooaahhh!

Moving along: I have been reading Laura Ingraham's "The Obama Diaries". It is FUNNY!

These are the thoughts Laura projects on the imperial o(whatta)bummers and the regime including joe bite me, based on their actions and reactions. I think she has them made.

She has a list of recommended reading, for ALL Americans and (I'd say) ESPECIALLY the left. It is on pages 28-30 and I HEARTILY second her recommendation.

She, also, Quotes Samuel Adams, "If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."

For the sake of accuracy, more than political correctness, I will modernize his statement to say "...vain and aspiring men AND WOMEN..." as the influx of women into the poly-tickial process has INDEED created (or simply REVEALED that many of them are ALSO) blood-sucking vermin.

The time HAS INDEED COME, when his warning (prediction?) is timely. The next few years (and ESPECIALLY THIS one) will, fundamentally, shape America.

The question WE will have to answer is : "Is America going to be "fundamentally changed" as is wanted by the imperial o(whatta)bummers, and the rest of the left or is it going to return to the foundation laid by our divinely inspired forefathers?

The fork in the road is clear. The one on the left leads to ruin. The one on the right leads to the FREEDOM to pursue our happiness and prosperity, with minimum government interference.

Your choice.

On your FEET!!! Un-COVER!!!

Heavenly Father, it keeps getting worse, but You are in charge. We submit ourselves and our situation to you. Please watch over those who watch over us and give them a safe tour or shift and return them to their loved ones. We ask for Your guidance and protection. In all things we thank and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the gift and sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, Hooaahhh!!!


Sgt. Mack, out closing station and leaving the air.

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