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Muster Right Here - Jan 17 2010
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Attention, Troops!!! This is an APB (All Patriots Beware) alert!!!

This alert is directed to, & should be forwarded to, all freedom-loving, justice-loving patriots in Massachusetts.

The election to replace Teddy (hic, glub-glub) Kennedy, is between a Republican fellow named Brown & a Dem. named Martha Coakley. Ms. Coakley has a background that bears some scrutiny. Her persecution of one of the defendants in a mis-carriage of justice should scare the be-Jesus out of any potential supporters, not to mention the recent story about one of her staff assaulting a reporter, while the ATTORNEY GENERAL looked on.

In the former case, Ms.Coakley opposed the release of a defendant who (it had been widely determined) was not only innocent, but was accused of a crime that had not been committed BY ANYONE!!! Additionally, she (allegedly, but fairly well-substantiatedly) failed to prosecute some REAL child-abusers.

After hearing of her history on a syndicated talk-show, whose host is also a highly-respected author and lecturer, I did some checking and discovered a lot of comment that supported the original info. The only negative comment was a rant against the "radical religious right" & how they would like to impose a Christian theocracy. It was, totally, off topic (as I've come to expect from the radical left) and made no refutation of the article to which it was (supposedly) replying.

I grant the existence of the "radical religious right", just as I know there is a "radical ANTI-religious LEFT". The main difference seems to be that the left seems to give more credence and support to their radicals.

Back on subject, your mission is to get the word out, to friends and relatives in Mass. to check Ms. Coakley out & DON'T DRINK THE KOOLAIDE!!! If (after careful consideration) they elect her to the Senate, we'd better do a lot of praying, 'cause she'll fit right in with the other denizens of the "District of Criminals" & continue "U.S." down the slippery slope.

Incidentally, any of my Troops who reside in Mass., NO EXCUSES!!! Get off your dead gluteous maximi (rear-ends) & on your dyin' feet & VOTE!!! If you can't get there, physically, vote absentee. If you know someone who needs help to vote DO IT!!! This could be one of the most important elections of your lives.

It may avoid an obamarama, that socializes this country. Don't sit back & let it happen, without a fight. 'Nuff said. God bless y'all & (especially my brothers & sisters in harm's way, civilian or military) & God bless America!!!

Dis-MISSED!!! Sgt. Mack out, leaving the air & closing station.

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