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Muster Right Here© - Jan 09, 2021
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Stand at EASE!!!

This may be the last time you are AT EASE, for a looonnnnnng time. Keep your powder dry and your head on a 360° swivel, cause theyre going to be coming for us (U.S.)

Un-COVER!!! (Silent, individual, prayer or contemplation.)


Well, Troops, the fix was and still IS in. The forces of evil have (likely) achieved a continuation of the o(WHATTA) bummer regime and we are going to have to endure, with faith in God until Jesus returns or reason (somehow) is re-established. Some of us vocal critics of the evil left are going to have to go into hiding or (very possibly) be eliminated. The midnight knock at the door, or just dynamic entry, with a battering ram, tactical gear, weapons and jack-boots, is likely to become commonplace (as in other dictatorial, communist countries) and people suddenly dis-appearing.

Buckle up, Troops, its going to be a HELL of a ride. ... Sergeant Mack

Actually, I expect o(WHATTA)bummer, on steroids, since he was flying under the radar with his marxism (a leftist in liberals clothing) while quid-pro-quo-joe-bite-me is far left and non-compos-mentis and caca-mala (bad doo-doo) is a full-blown marxist , so buckle up, Troops, its going to be (literally) a HELL of a ride. Actually, Ive seen it coming, for a while, and just tried to tell myself that no one in their right mind would turn the country over to these nihilists. So what does that leave us? Insane people, dead people, undocumented people (illegal aliens) under-age people (they say that insanity is hereditary, you get it from your kids) and leftists, see insane people.

As Ive mentioned, I hear a lot about secession and I repeat my warning, The only thing the Civil War secessionists did wrong (to the best of my knowledge and belief) was to fire on Union troops. In all of my reading of the Constitution, I have seen no prohibition to secession. There has been talk of a law that prevents it but the Constitution does not give congress the power to pass such a law and our first founding document, the Unanimous Declaration, in fact, instructs us to seek out a form of government that will secure the blessings of liberty For us and our posterity, if our government becomes corrupt and villainous, which it has with this fraudulent election.

BUT, dont make the mistake my stupid ancestors did and fire, first, on Union troops or law enforcement! AND, jurors, practice jury nullification against all un-Constitutional pseudo-laws. They cant MAKE you convict, against you conscience.

The president, elect quid-pro-quo-joe-bite-me has said that we are in for a dark winter. Shakespeare wrote, Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer, by this son of York. Unfortunately, bite-mes dark days of winter, ahead of us (U.S.) will not be transformed by any son of York.

The only Son that may save us (U.S.) is Jesus ...

The only Son that may save us (U.S.) is Jesus, if He comes, soon, to strike down the evil left. Aside from salvation, all I want is one of those flaming swords and for Him to point out the worst offenders and tell me, Strike!!! Of course Ill know who many of them are, but Ill want His permission.

It is hard for me to imagine left-wing Christians, because they cant have any fear of God, or they couldnt be so corrupt. Thou shalt not steal, bear false witness, covet, murder, have other gods, etc. were NOT SUGGESTIONS!!!

I hope that some rich person or persons will buy a ship and broadcast pirate radio from outside the territorial limits. It will, truly, be Radio Free America!!! Better have a couple of spare ships available, as the caca-mala/bite-me regime will have no restraints against destroying them in international waters. Id donate to the ship fund! By the way, yesterday, one of the Troops came by, where the Lil Corporal and I were eating our socially-distanced lunch and said, Hey, Sarge, I know from Shinola!!! I never would have questioned Al, on this point, except for verification (just as with the reservists) so that I could certify, positively, their (and his) knowledge, on the subject.

From my vast experience, I can tell within moments of engaging in normal conversation, who has the knowledge and who is clueless. ... Sergeant Mack

From my vast experience, I can tell within moments of engaging in normal conversation, who has the knowledge and who is clueless. So Al was just letting me know that he had seen the class. I wish to propose this as a formal greeting, for my Troops, :Do you know from Shinola? and the counter-sign is, :Sgt Mack sez so! I say this with full confidence that, if you are attending my classes, thru the Post, you have the knowledge.

And, speaking of the not Shinola, I understand that the not Shinola-ites are considering trying to impeach Pres. Trump, AGAIN and some of the rinos might sign on. Too bad he didnt have the perjurers prosecuted, the last time they surfaced from the cesspool. You cant play Mr. Nice Guy, with blatant evil.

Like Gen. Schwarzkopf said (about forgiveness, for so-damn-insane) forgiveness is Gods department, my job is to arrange the meeting , or words to that effect. That goes for joe-bite-me, too, bragging about extorting Ukraine, with OUR MONEY!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a conspiracy theory alarmist, BUT they, also, know that I have a highly-functioning Bravo Sierra detector and the ability to recognize that, if 2+2 appears to equal a WHOLE LOTTA illegal ballots, a SERIOUS investigation is REQUIRED, not SUGGESTED!!! It is for this reason, REASON, not SUSPICION, that I say that our government meets the criteria, established by the Unanimous Declaration as being broken and in need of repair or replacement.

It is ALSO for this well-considered REASON that we ARE STRONGLY CONSIDERING moving to one of the CONSTITUTIONAL SANCTUARY states. Texas, you dont need to worry about us bringing socialist republik of kalifornia values, to pollute Texas. I was born there and my wife is as much of a conservative Constitutionalist as I am, even though she hasnt studied it as much. She knows the basics and the difference between good and evil.

And, speaking of evil, what evil cabal had reason to disrupt the debate about the Electoral vote count? It CERTAINLY would not have been in the interest of the Trump supporters!!! How about the bite-me/cacamala cabal. AND what would keep the bite-me/cacmala mob from carrying Trump flags, as they rioted? We have seen them wearing false colors, before. I just pray that Pres. Trump has a master stroke in his pocket, to resolve this stolen election, before joe-bite-me and cacamala come into power and screw up the best country on earth.

The tree of liberty must, periodically, be watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants.(Or words to that effect.) We, certainly, have corrupt, evil tyrants planning to change America into amerika. I just hope that they run out of evil tyrant blood, before we run out of patriot blood!

Now we may only be able to pray that sufficient congress persons recover from their cranial rectosis and do something honourable, to reverse the slide into the cesspool. ... Sergeant Mack

Now we may only be able to pray that sufficient congress persons recover from their cranial rectosis and do something honourable, to reverse the slide into the cesspool.

This may be my last class, in this venue, b-4 the censorship axe falls. If so, it has been my extreme honor to have had your attention, for as long as weve been together. If I can find a way to keep speaking truth to evil, I will endeavor to persevere. If not and you hear that I have committed suicide, Don you believe it!!! NOT MY STYLE!!!

God bless our Troops, both active and reserve and the Militia, both organized and un-organized and God bless AMERICA!!!

On your FEET!!!


Heavenly Father, in Your Word, You have told us that there will be trials, but that You will be with us as we face them. We claim Your promise, as we face a future with evil beings who have told us that they mean to destroy all that You have given us. As unworthy as we are, I ask Your blessings and protection. In all things I thank You and praise You and, especially, I thank You for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son. Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, HOOAAAHHH!!!


Sgt Mack leaving the air and closing station. HOOOAAAHHH!!!

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