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Muster Right Here© - Jan 02 2015
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Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Rebuttal to: "Let's talk about the real crime" Leonard Pitts Jr.

Stand at EASE!!! The following is my communication with the Fresno Bee, regarding a racist column they published. I requested that they inform me if they intended to publish my rebuttal and have heard nothing in reply. Those of you who subscribe are requested to advise us if you see it and to contact them regarding their refusal to do so, if they don't. Un-COVER!!! (Silent prayer or contemplation.) In Jesus' Name I pray, HOOAAHHH!!! COVER!!!

I am TOTALLY "pitts'd off" by this this exhibition of Bravo Sierra. The writer seems determined to de-value his pulitzer prize, in the same way the guy in the White House has de-valued his totally undeserved nobel prize that was awarded for "expectations".

One of the most egregious statements is: "When black people commit crimes against black people, they face prosecution, but when police officers (or certain neighborhood watchmen) commit crimes against black people, they face getting off with little, if any, punishment". That's quite a mouthful, but I hope he doesn't kiss his loved ones with the mouth that spewed that.

The only things missing, in his TOTALLY ridiculous rant are FACTS!!!

1) In Missouri, the police officer was cleared by the grand jury and the reasons were detailed by the prosecutor: TOTAL lack of legitimate evidence and the existence of PERJURED testimony by the phony "eyewitnesses", The fact is that the true eyewitnesses (including black people) were telling the truth and the officer's account was true. These facts were supported by forensic and autopsy evidence.

2) In Florida, the neighborhood watchman was found innocent in a TOTALLY unnecessary trial, pushed by a federal persecutor, at the behest of b.o. She stated that she was there to get "...justice for trayvon...", not for the community or the country. In case she has forgotten her job description and sworn duty, it is to seek the truth, rather than convictions. So, in spite of the excellent investigation, by the local police, the country was treated to yet ANOTHER example of leftist power and leftist racism allowed to influence the justice system.

The "pulitzer prize" "journalist" has ignored his duty to present facts, in order to participate in the race baiting that supports the sharptons, jacksons and the guy who lives in OUR house, on OUR money, which he spends LAVISHLY.

The leftist, racist narrative is that these two thugs, who were shot during the commission of felonious assaults, COULDN'T be guilty, because they were BLACK!!!

3) I wish he had detailed the supposed "...voter suppression..." by the Republican Party. The only "voter suppression" I recall hearing about was black liberals intimidating voters near the polls and allowed to do so, by the liberal government. Anyone who accuses the Republicans of "voter suppression" is telling everyone that minorities are too stupid to get a picture I.D. Guess they don't get library cards, rent movies, open charge accounts, attend democrat conventions or drive cars, since all of these activities require photo I.D. I just Googled "Do welfare recipients need photo I.D?" Surprise, surprise!!! Seems that many states are moving toward the requirement, to reduce welfare fraud and who could be against that? Anyone who is would have to be in support of criminality.

So, it seems that even the most dis-advantaged of our citizens may (soon) have no excuse for the lack of a photo I.D., as the government will be issuing them so that the "entitlement" recipients will be able to get their "entitlements" and will be able to produce a photo I.D., to vote. As Hannibal (from the "A" Team) says, "I love it, when a plan comes together!"

4) Since it was the the southern DEMOCRATS who were the slave owners and the southern DEMOCRATS who fought against the civil rights legislation, I would think that a "pulitzer prize" winning "journalist" would know better than to make such unsupportable and grossly false statements, maligning the Republican Party who acted to correct these injustices.

I, also, note that the "Pulitzer prize" winning "journalist" had nothing to say about the perjurers, inciters and rioters. Does that sound like someone who is a paragon of journalistic integrity and worthy of a pulitzer? The pulitzer committee if they are not, also, leftist racists, should demand the return of the prize.

For my part, anyone who was caught on camera rioting, or has "incited to riot", or has given (demonstratively) perjured testimony which contributed to the riots, should be prosecuted, to the fullest extent of the law and (possibly) treated as a terrorist. I understand that "Club Gitmo" is lovely, this time of year.

In another vein, let us examine the recent new batch of lies from the democrat party. Seems that the democrats, & y'all need to tell the prominent media people to quit calling them "democratic", because it's a lie. They AIN'T!!! They are the party of government uber alles & you are lower than the dirt under their feet!!!

So, what have they been busy destroying lately? How about what is remaining of our intelligence gathering ability, which they say (LIE) hasn't been useful in combating terrorism? I won't say what is LEFT, because THEY are the LEFT and so far removed from intelligence as to make any connection an "oxy-maroon", as Bugs Bunny would say. With regard to the 2 (aforementioned) "victims" and their "brothers in stupid", the other one in Missouri and Garner, in New York, I have had to re-examine Ron White's assertion that, "You cain't FIX STUPID!!!".

You can, actually, fix stupid but the one who is so afflicted may not survive the "fixing". We have seen this in these 4 cases, where the "victims" committed violent crimes, from felonious assault to resisting arrest and reaped the reward of their follies.

Next, we REALLY need to scrutinize the "budget deal" that the POLITICKIANS have reached. I thought the house was going to fund the budget until we got the majority, in the senate, and then defund o(WHATTA)bummer DOESN'T care. Have we been betrayed? I'll be looking into this, reporting to you and sending any criticism of it to Rep. McCarthy, whom I have accorded capitals until such time as I see that he doesn't rate them.


According to several credible sources, including Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and Dennis Prager, the republicans HAVE taken liberties with us and I don't recall being kissed. It appears that those who PROMISED to take o(WHATTA)bummer (AKA obola) in hand and defend the Constitution against his predations have LIED TO US, AGAIN!!!

It seems that they have taken our trust and given us the raspberry. We need to put them on notice that we will not tolerate their perfidy (if proven) are planning to find true CONSERVATIVE candidates to replace them, at the earliest opportunity.

We need to throw every one of those who voted for the "omnibus" UNDER THE BUS!!! Every one of them who voted to allow obola's amnesty and o(WHATTA)bummer (doesn't)care rip off to proceed is CESSPOOL SLUDGE and needs to be SHOVELED OUT!!!

Un-COVER!!! Heavenly Father, the beat goes on and the left gets "lefter". We ask Your support, as we wage war against the forces of evil, and Your continued guidance for our guardians, in and out of uniform, wherever they fight. In all things I thank and praise You and (especially for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray. HOOAAHHH!!!! Sgt. Mack out, leaving the air and closing station

All opinions stated in this class are the opinions of the instructor and may not reflect the opinions of the Editor and publisher.

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