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Muster Right Here© - Jan 02 2011
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

"May You Live in Interesting Times" : An ancient Chinese Curse & Blessing.

Take SEATS!!!

A Happy & Blessed New Year, to you & yours, Troops!!! B-4 we resume with all of the left's dark plots against our freedom, let's lighten up, with a bit of biting satire.

"An Ode to the 'royal' o(whatta)bummers" (With apologies to those royals, throughout history, who actually cared about their people.)

The "chosen one" must have his fun, with golf, the beach & such, While wife michelle says, "What the he77, I don't like the peons much."

So off they fly, while you & I are told to "give 'til it hurts", They feel these are their "perks", to be such colossal jerks & treat "the 'unwashed' masses" like dirt,.

[© 2010 Sgt. Mack re-print allowed, with FULL attribution]

According to the U.K.Telegraph,on-line, Mark Knoller of CBS News stated that mr. o(whatta)bummer has golfed on 8 more occasions, in his short White House tenure, than Pres.Bush did in his 8 year tenure.

I have, also, heard some interesting figures as to the amount of OUR MONEY the o(whatta) bummers have spent at 5-star hotels & on other non-essentials.

Pres. Bush (to the best of my knowledge) did NOT charge me rent on his Crawford, Tx. ranch, where he conducted the nation's business, while getting away from washington, the district of criminals.

Now that we have had a bit of levity & a dose of reality, here is a bit of philosophy.

Criminals violate my space & civil rights, steal from me and break other laws, but (if I catch them) I MIGHT be able to shoot them.

"My" government violates my space & civil rights & does things that (if anyone else does them) are violations of BUNCHES of laws & I can't even SUE them.

Is it just those of us who understand the Constitution or does anyone ELSE see the parallel between what the "Brits" were doing & what "our" government is trying?

Subjugation, by despotic rulers or a ruling class, doesn't HAVE to happen at the point of a bayonet. The bayonet may simply be implied, or understood, as long as it exists.

The actual weapons may be massive bureaucracy, unaccountable to the governed & enforcing convoluted laws & regulations that can't be defended against, without incurring massive debt.

There is an old saying, "If we can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, we'll baffle 'em with B.S." As long as they achieve their ends, they couldn't care less "how".

More reality:

Unfortunately, their overall end seems to be ending our position as the remaining superpower.

They are accomplishing this by creating HUGE deficits (thereby enslaving "We,The People..." for generations) weakening our society & military with socialist agendas (see my archives) & weakening our defense capability, by kowtowing to people who wish us ill.

Maybe you can s'plain this to me, Lucy. My understanding of the START is that it contains language that allows russia to UNILATERALLY withdraw from the treaty, if we pursue anti-missile defense, in Europe.

The o(whatta)bummer regime pledges to pursue that program (according to my read of a fresno bee article, 19Dec'10) which appears to allow russia an out, from a treaty to which WE would remain committed. If I'm right about this the people who need to be committed are the screwballs who are SUPPORTING it.

Either that, or they are CONSCIOUSLY working against the interests of my country. I don't believe that (in their hearts) it is THEIR country. They maybe "globalists", but they are NOT Americans!!!

The same article claims that Pres. Bush supported the START. I can believe that he supported (& supports) the CONCEPT, but I cannot believe that the same Pres. who has visited many wounded veterans & welcomed units who were returning from in-country & stood there, obviously moved by the bedlam that erupted, when he did a surprise Thanksgiving visit to the warriors, would support the idiocy (or treachery) of the present wording.

If I'm wrong, SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!! Otherwise, the o(whatta)bummer regime has found ANOTHER side of its collective mouth, from which to speak.


1.) Contact your (elected) employees & praise those who are holding the line. Explain, politely, your dis-agreements with the rinos & tell them that you hate to see dissent in the party, but you cannot support republicans who support liberal/left causes.

2.) Get active in your local Republican Assembly (I am) & WORK (not just your mouth, but raise a sweat) in support of conservative issues & candidates.

3.) Educate your neighbors. If you don't feel comfortable explaining the benefits of conservatism, refer them to someone who can.

4.) Tell them about our classes & that (at the very least) they may get a chuckle out of my rants. With enough exposure to the truth, they may "see the light". Tell them that they are invited to dispute any info I disseminate. I'll correspond with them, directly. Tell them that they might even persuade me that I'M wrong. It's been done, infrequently.

We have 2yrs. to fight the barack hussein o(whatta)bummer regime & get ready to straighten out this country we love. Don't waste time!!! MOVE IT, MOVE IT, MOVE IT!!!!

Section leaders take charge, after the benediction & get 'em working. We have a lot to do & little time.

Heavenly Father, we ask you to continue to bless & guide us. Please watch over our guardians, wherever & however they serve. We ask a peaceful shift/tour for them, but if in action we ask you to protect them.

We ask your blessing, guidance & protection on our country & that you guide (or help us to replace) our employees, who are, clearly, violating the oaths they took, as our fiduciaries.

In all things we thank & praise you &, especially I thank you for the gift & sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord & Savior, in Whose Name I pray & all my Troops said, "HOOAHHH!!!

Again, Happy New Year!!!

Dis-MISSED!!! GET OUTTA HERE!!! Sgt.Mack, out. Leaving the air & closing station.

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