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(March 3rd 2020) - VOTE NO ON MEASURE L : NO NEW TAXES

Businessman makes case against Measure L

As a local businessperson, I am skeptical of any tax increase, no matter who is asking. Honestly, has any of us ever seen a local, school, state or federal agency who didnt think more tax dollars was best? Best for them, clearly not best for the taxpayer. Measure L, on the backs of the failed $90 million dollar Measure J in 2012 & the failed $67 million dollar Measure B in 2014 makes me question the need for a new tax increase yet again. People have asked what would it take to get you to support this $33.4 million dollar tax increase on the backs of everyone who owns property within the district or who rents within the district boundaries? My answer is easy, I am skeptical.

I am skeptical of a district that has a history of refusing public records requests, even though it is the law. Only after we threatened legal action did the district release public records.

I am skeptical of a district that spends millions on past & present trustee benefits and has no stomach to eliminate this unbelievable cost. Mind you that PUSD is the only school district in Tulare County that is currently paying for trustee benefits to families who have not served on the board for years.

I am skeptical of a district whose superintendent told the community that if Measure B failed in 2014 that there would be no more building within the district ever again. Remember, since the failure of Measure B in 2014, the district has replaced almost 30 portables, rebuilt Belleview school and built the Military Academy. All this without an increase in taxpayer funding.

I am skeptical of a district whose superintendent stated in 2014 that on the successful passage of Measure B and any lowering of the maintenance budget, that those maintenance dollars then can be shifted to Administrative salaries.

I am skeptical of any Measure that is supported financially primarily by the construction companies who will directly benefit from its passage.

I am skeptical of any districts whose response to opposition to the measure is to use taxpayer funds to personally attack anyone in opposition. Remember that Superintendent Snavely and Trustee Morris & Lara filed complaints against me with my employer, FINRA, SEC & FPPC in an attempt to intimidate me into stop asking questions. This practice, like the districts past bond measures failed miserably.

I am skeptical of a district who says Measure L must pass for us to qualify for matching funds from the potential passage Prop. 13. At this point does anyone not understand that Prop. 13 is another tax increase on the backs of California taxpayers just like Measure L?

I am skeptical of a district who continues to promote the passage of Measure L on all the campus within the district even though this practice is legally prohibited. Making pro Measure L announcement to kids or requiring principals to garner pro Measure L signatures is legally wrong and takes away from time spent actually teaching our kids.

I am skeptical of a district who is promoting this measure to lower income families by saying they will not be on the hook financially should it pass when we clearly all know that everyone is on the hook for increased housing costs.

I am skeptical of a district who would put this HUGH tax increase on the primary ballot rather than the general election ballot in November. Clearly, they are hoping for low voter turnout in order to push this measure over the finish line.

I am skeptical of a district who tears down opposition signs in an attempt to pass their massive tax increase. Is the district so afraid of an opposing viewpoint that they would stoop to destroying opposition No on Measure L signage? Clearly the answer to that question is YES.

PUSD has for years tried to portray me as anti-education or anti-student. Anyone who knows me understand that this could not be further from the truth. I am anti-waste, especially at PUSD. Crystal Palaces do not improve test scores. Luxury district offices do not improve how kids perform in the classroom. Americans spend more on education than any other country and it isnt even close. Yet, our students typically are mid 20th or 30th in math & science scores.

PUSD operates with a roughly $200 million dollar annual budget yet they are asking you to pay even more over the next 25 to 30 years. Not only you but the next generation will be on the hook for this tax increase. Just like we are on the hook for the last 7 or 8 tax increase that we pay as property owners.

PUSD has NOT made the case for passage of Measure L. Just like they did NOT make the case during 2012 & 2014. Join me in voting NO on Measure L.

John Hardin I a local investment advisor with over 30 years in the investment industry.

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