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PORTERVILLE, CA -- Turn off your TV and take back your life, your family, your home, your neighborhood and your future. At first it’s going to be hard but it can be done. Thousands, if not ten-of-thousands, have accomplished this feat. Many report having extra time in the day to spend with the family and their friends. Neighbors eventually talk to each other and start neighborhood watches to reduce crime on their streets. Who would’a thought ?

“That’s easier said that done,” one of my friends told me. He said “his T.V. is like a member of the family and we wouldn’t know what to do if we didn’t have one. It brings us the latest news from all over the world and entertains us when we are overworked or overstressed. Without our T.V., we just couldn’t function.” Ain’t that the truth !

For too many reasons, American’s have allowed the T.V. too many privileges. We have come to believe that the T.V. is our only way of knowing what we know. It’s our only way to share a common experience with our family and friends. We call or text each other about American Idol or what coming up next on Big Brother. We have gone beyond obsession with the boob-tube to the point where we are afraid to think for ourselves.

And thinking for ourselves is the last thing corrupt corporations and governments want. If they can create a better way to govern {control} your affairs, money or thoughts and actually have you pay for it … well that’s nothing but gravy. If they can get you to call your congressman to vote for a bill {bill means you pay for it} to help their company monopolize an area of a business that will benefit them more than you as a consumer, well that’s nothing but gravy. And this happens daily in Sacramento and in Wash. D.C.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for good products and services but I do not appreciate many of these companies who have enough money to lobby for their special interests. If they really had good products, then why are they spending so much money lobbing for laws that keep the consumer from buying someone else’s product, especially if that other product is of a higher quality. They should rely on the same method that has been tried and true for hundreds of years and that’s “Word of Mouth” advertising.

In many cases these national and international companies sell products which do more harm than good. They employ a legion of lawyers to fend off law suits all the while producing the same products that either harm the consumer or environment. When they are find by a government agency, they send out their press releases stating to the effect, that it was in the best interest of the “Stock Holders to Settle out of Court” and everything will continue as it always has as the consumer gets consumed, again.

Enter High Definition Television :

If your addition to your T.V. ain’t as bad as you think, wait until they crank up that new HDTV. SONY Corporation announced earlier this year {link} that their new HDTV will have the capability to monitor when you or someone else leaves the room, suggesting that this new technology will help reduce the amount of energy used by the HDTV if no one’s in the room watching the TV. This new feature will turn itself off or put itself in a stand-by mode. Don’t ya just love this new stuff ? And the consumer will pay for this new technology because we’re so lazy and can’t think for ourselves to turn off the TV.

Now, in order to compete with this new technology the other HDTV manufactures must come up with better monitoring devices so the companies who want to sell their products have the upper hand. This is another way of shutting out their competitors and making the consumers pay for it through a legislative bill. You’re forced to buy a TV that creates a clearer picture, most are happy about that, and the companies have another tool to make you believe that you need their product.


The companies and government have the software that gives them this capability. The companies have invested mounds of money for this technology to see {watch} your response to their commercials. The government has spent a lot of your money {HDTV Boxes} to make these high definition programs available, just to make sure that you are watching … what they want you to watch. And you thought you had a choice !!!

The consumers and the voters have “the power to change things” by TURNING OFF THAT IDIOT BOX and see how fast these corrupt companies and governments notice. If you’re not watching them spew their lies about their products or their legislations, then they cannot convince you otherwise.

Here’s how we start.

First, you must agree with your family that one day a week you will not watch any TV. Next, tell your neighbor to do the same. Third, make a flyer for your neighborhood explaining what you are doing. Have a block-party on that day and get to know your neighbors. Fourth, if a few your neighbors do not want to participate, find out why. Fifth, in about a month take a survey with your neighbors and see if they want to increase that one day to two days and so forth.

Why is it necessary to turn off TV’s in a neighborhood ?

Many of these private companies and governments have the software to monitor outside activity as well as inside activity. The second fear these companies and governments have is people talking with each other. Not from the phones or computers, but in person and in private. Most of the time folks will tell their neighbors which eatery has the best chicken salads or which automotive shops are better than others. You get the picture.

Second to these conversations are the fears and concerns that your neighbors have regarding companies and governments colluding and conspiring with each other against the consumer’s best interest. There’s the rub ! That’s their fear and that’s why they are so paranoid about your little old conversation with your neighbor. They – the corporations and governments want to control your interests, by whatever means possible !!!

Eventually you will come to the conclusion that TV is ok but it’s not going to run your life, your families life and if you can help it, your neighbors life. At one time the TV had its place and it was turned off by the adult in the home. Mom and Dad told the children it was time for bed and off when the TV.

As for me, it’s been over 20 years and I have yet to pay for cable or satellite TV. I still have an antenna on the roof of my home and the few TV channels I get in high definition basically put me asleep - another thing to be concerned about. I do watch the HDTV’s when I’m on the road at other hotels and again … they seem to put me asleep.

Imagine, people turning off their TV’s !

This would create one of the biggest panics for companies and governments. They’d loose control over night. Americans would once again be in command. Ratings would plunge. Stock markets would yield. The price of everything would return to normal. No longer would a third party dictate the price or control of products or services. Products and services, much like supply and demand, would correct and establish those values, only if people turned off their TV’s and took back their lives.

A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta - Editor

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