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(Jun 06 2015) - Spies Shopping in Wal*Mart ???
Post Opinion : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta

PORTERVILLE, CA -- At about 10:15, while shopping at Wal*Mart in Porterville, I overheard the conversation of two young adults, maybe about 25-ish or so, in the sporting goods isle. So I strolled my cart next to them and asked, are you guys from around here ? They said no. The man said he was from Russia and the girl said Ukraine.

Quickly I noticed that they both looked like two deer caught in my headlights - and they were. With each and every question that I asked, they paused as if they were being interrogated … like back home … making sure their stories matched.

I pressed in … well how long have you been here in the states and when did you arrive ? He said they just came up from Ceres yesterday (Friday) and then came straight to Porterville that day, (Saturday). So for clarification I asked, you came up from Ceres … from southern California … L.A. ??? They both said yes. Again, I pressed in … you flew in at LAX. They said yes … Ceres is up north folks. That was the first reg flag.

Neither one could be specific re: where they were going camping, when or where they arrived in California, and to top it off I asked … when are you guys heading back home ? They said, “We have to return in two months.” They “Have to Return” in two month. Did you catch that ? They never said they had visas' which stipulated they have to return. They never said anything about any relatives living here in the states, of which they were visiting. They never even hinted that they were here on a college quest as well. They came all the way from Russia and Ukraine, stopped in Porterville to pick up a few camping supplies and then have to return.

Both had dish-water blond hair. The girl stood about 5' 8” or so and the male closer to 6 foot. She had on a causal looking dress and low heels. She wore a pair of glasses – not too thick – and had semi-wide dark frames which looked like two tear drops slanting upwards. Her hair was kinda bobbed, shoulder length and possibly bangs. The male was wearing a collar shirt with slacks and his hair was short and combed forward …

She stood on the left side of their cart and he was positioned on the right. My cart was equally wedged in the isle so neither one could pass. And so I started in … again … with my questions.

Their shopping cart had a few camping items, bed roles and a soft spongy type ground cover to be placed between a sleeping bag or blanket. From the looks of what they had, they might last a couple of days or so unless they had other supplies from previous shopping sprees. I doubt it, 'cause they both looked like complete amateurs … for sure.

So again I asked … where you heading ? They said that they were going camping. I asked, but where ? Again they said camping and this time the girl was nervously looking at her male “friend” to see if he was gonna spill the beans – he didn't. They could not – or would not – tell me specifically where they would be “camping” or what camp grounds they'd be staying at … or what sight seeing place, as tourists, they wanted to visit. Nothing specific at all … except … they'd be leaving that day for their camping trip.

Which led me to ask, well … when are you guys coming back from your camping trip ? They looked at each other and I had to ask this a couple more times and still got no good answer.

Now I'm getting really curious. Here you have two young adults, one from Russia and one from Ukraine, who nations ... BTW … are suppose to be arch enemies, and yet here they were, in Porterville buying camping supplies getting ready to go camping.

Another observation I had was this. If these two axis enemies were really a Romeo and Juliet couple, for darn tooten, they failed to show it. Their facial affects and body manners told a different story all together. I failed to see if they were wearing any wedding rings or ask them if they were engaged.

So … now I'm gonna switch up on them a bit to watch their response and asked, are you guys Christians, 'cause you need to be careful up in the mountains ? There's all kinds of wild animals, drug cartels and terrorist training up their as well. Three time I needed to ask and finally, after waiting and looking at each other, they said yes, they believed in GOD.

I said great … are you guys going to be here tomorrow (Sunday), I'd like to invite you to my Church so we could get to know you better. That's when they said, for a second time, they were heading up to the mountains that day … Saturday.

Finally, becoming a bit leery with me and my questions, they excused themselves and pushed their half full shopping cart down the isle, not hand in hand, or even talking to themselves in their own languge, but walking straight a head, as if they wanted to get out of Wal*Mart as quickly as possible.

Now, knowing that many foreign visitors come and go, pretty much as they please, to America, this would not be an unusual occurrence. However, we live in interesting times and there are way too many countries who have ill will planned for America and we must be vigilant, from here on out !!! I am and I hope you will be also.

GOD Bless America and Porterville !!!

A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta - Editor

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