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(Apr 29 2011) - IS SIRHAN SIRHAN WAKING UP ???
Post Opinion : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
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PORTERVILLE, CA -- Now that I'm retired from CDCR, it's time to say a few things re: political prisoners. YES there are many political prisoners who are locked up ... to shut them up. Those I came in contact with at CSP-Corcoran ended up with various forms or anxiety / psychotic disorders because of this.

It was during those times when I was called in as a Licensed Psychiatric Technician to assist these inmates who's behaviors were escalating due to manifold situations, and it was at these mental health moments they opened up and shared their feelings, fantasies and fears.

In Sirhan Sirhan's case, my contact with him was minimal as a Psych Tech. He of course was housed in the same cell block as Manson (4A4R) bottom tier and rarely, if ever, asked for any type of mental health assistance. Of course he was assigned a "CCCM" case manager and whenever anyone came knocking on his cell door to see if he was doing alright - which included any LCSW or Psychologist - his response was virtually the same ... no response.

In the 4A4R PHU yard that was a different matter. Sirhan would come out to the yard and of course there was a certain someone (assigned correctional officer) who would be outside as well. This C/O, in the summer time would sit over on the "smoking benches" which were positioned next to 4A4L cell block and watch Sirhan from this post.

Sirhan had as many "outside of the secure fencing" privileges as Charlie - meaning he could be outside that fencing perimeter, doing some type of work for the officers - mostly mowing the lawns and such. It was during those extra outside working duties that Sirhan talked with the C/O's and free staff - anyone who wasn't a correctional officer.

On one such day, I sat with this assigned officer and watched Sirhan in the heat of the day mow a large plot of lawn adjacent to the PHU. Many times he was asked by this officer and myself to take a break and drink some water. My primary concern for him was was heat exhaustion, and my secondary concern was the political fallout if he in fact collapsed "outside" of the PHU. The autopsy would show the reason for his death and since I was assigned to that area for the day, the initial medical report "7219" would have come from me. And the thought of being on CDCR's Diesel Therapy program was not what I wanted. {Another way to shut you up}

Making sure that Sirhan would stop and drink some water I impressed upon that officer re: the possible fallout if in fact he collapsed. That officer saw the light and between the both of us Sirhan slowed down and drank water when we told him.

Even though we watched Sirhan drink some water, I was almost sure it wasn't enough to keep him hydrated and I was also sure that I'd be called later that day to assess his medical / mental health condition because of what I told this officer ... but I wasn't.

To be sure, I had never seen Sirhan exhibit any negative, bizarre or inappropriate behavior, when he was out side of his cell. When he was locked up in his cell, he basically wanted to left alone ... something I can professionally understand.

His aloofness even amongst other inmates, in my mind, was a bit different than the usual aloofness that all the other "Innocent Inmates" exhibit. Part of my observations - not noted by me in any mental health documentation - was his internal preoccupation of silence, knowing if he could get locked up for something he did not do ... he could get assassinated as well. To me I could see this obvious struggle - trying to recall what happened and yet not remembering.

Other famous inmates who were housed at this Protective Housing Unit also notice this about Sirhan Sirhan. Most, if not all, said "he was always polite and doing his own thing."

But one day Sirhan wasn't on the inmate roster and I figured he was either in the hospital for a medical procedure or was possibly transferred to another prison due to the news media reporting additional information re: the Robert Kennedy assassination. On the later I was right, but was concerned with what was being reported. If half of what was being reported was true, would CDCR put Sirhan on diesel therapy to shut him up or would they create a mystery illness to permanently shut him up ?

Later we found out that he was moved to another prison - Pleasant Valley State Prison but had no idea that his lawyers were possibly behind this move.

In this AP article it now makes a lot of sense re: his reclusive behavior and his internal preoccupation with why he was a political prisoner.

The sad end to this story goes something like this. If in fact his attorney's can find that girl in the polka dot dress "Sirhan's Handler" and can somehow demonstrate some dark government program that called for Sirhan Sirhan to be the fall guy, this will all be hushed up behind closed doors. Unless, they connect the dots with those involved, including President Lyndon B. Johnson, my guess is these new attorneys are just looking to create a bigger name for them selves and their business.

Sirhan Sirhan, I'm sorry to say, was at the wrong place at the wrong time. If, and I'm only saying if, for some reason that Obama gets involved with this case, it would only re-enforce the beliefs of the muslim communities re: the corrupt intelligence agencies in and outside of America, and quite possibly be used to stir up the radical political muslims which Obama has allowed to enter America.

GOD help us all if this is the case ...

A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta - Editor

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