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(Dec 10 2011) - The Alarming Truth About Obama
OBAMA FILES : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta

On Dec 10th 2011 an e-mail from "NEWS@7" prophecynews@mail.com entitled "The Alarming Truth About Obama" was sent re: who Obama really is. It was never posted in the "Letters to the Editor" section of the Post because the sender did not follow the proper protocol of that section. However ... if any portion of this e-mail is correct the public is entitled to know. That being said, I'm also open - as editor of the Porterville Post - to comments re: any information that can or cannot be verified ... either by two or more witnesses {according to the Bible} or by internet research which is backed up with names and dates. That's only fair ...

The Alarming Truth About Obama ...

There are many inconvenient truths that you need to know about Barack Obama.

On November 4th, 2011 attorney Mario Apuzzo received an email from an anonymous source that revealed some disturbing information about Barack Obama.

Who is Mario Apuzzo?

Attorney Mario Apuzzo, on behalf of Charles Kerchner and other plaintiffs, sued Obama, the U.S. Congress, Dick Cheney, and Nancy Pelosi in January 2009 alleging Obama was ineligible to be president, and that Congress failed to verify Obama's ineligibility. A federal district court in New Jersey dismissed the suit, ruling the plaintiffs lacked standing.

On July 3, 2010, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, citing Berg v. Obama, affirmed the dismissal, and ordered Apuzzo to show cause why he should not be sanctioned for initiating a frivolous lawsuit. Apuzzo's subsequent request for a hearing was denied, but the order to show cause was discharged. On November 29, 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court declined, without comment, to hear the case.

What was the subject of the email? ( http://puzo1.blogspot.com/ )

The email directed Mario to a Hawaii traffic court web site called eCourt Kokua where he was able to confirm certain information about case ID/Citation # 1193041MO

The name of the case is State v. Bari Shabazz which was a non-jury case. The case is characterized as a "Traffic Crime," with a "REPORT number W50100." The offense occurred on March 12, 1982. The charging police officer is Duane Masayuki Espinueva. The event is characterized as an "Accident Major." The charge was driving without a valid driver's license. The case was first filed on Tuesday, March 16, 1982, in the First Circuit, located at Kane'Ohe Division.

On May 5, 1982, at 8:00 a.m., Bari Shabazz was supposed to again be arraigned and enter his plea in the same court room. He apparently did not appear and so the court issued a bench warrant on May 5, 1982, bearing number "BWO 050582." The court ordered the "AP" (maybe meaning accused person) to show proof of "NEW YORK DRIVER'S LICENSE." It appears as though the court set bail at $25.00.

The report then shows that the prosecutor on April 9, 2003, filed an ex parte motion to recall the bench warrant and announced on the record "nolle prosequi." This is a Latin phrase which is formally entered into a court record which means that the prosecutor in a criminal case "will no further prosecute" the case. The motion was listed as "NP [nolle prosequi] 040903." So, the charge was dismissed upon the prosecutor's ex parte "Nolle Prosequi" motion made on April 9, 2003. "Ex parte" means that only one side made the application which in this case was the prosecutor.

On October 30, 2005, or 23 years following the date of the accident of March 12, 1982, the court again re-visits the case of Bari Shabazz, noting that he did not owe the court any money but to "Pls. check." Why would the court again concern itself with this case on that date, especially if Bari Shabazz was dead since 1994?

Who is Bari Shabazz?

Is the Bari Shabazz named in this traffic court report the same person Ms. Trowbridge calls "Bari' M. Shabazz" in her report and who is listed as "B M Shabazz" in the Social Security Death Index? If it is the same person, then that puts New Yorker Bari' M. Shabazz in Honolulu County, Hawaii, on March 12, 1982. Using a date of birth of October 28, 1959, this would have made Bari' M. Shabazz 22 years old at the time that he had this major automobile accident in Honolulu County.

Who is Martha Trowbridge?

The 'Terrible Truth Blog' provides an impressive amount of credible and verifiable information that leads one to conclude that Barack Obama and his inner circle have not been hiding the truth about Obama's US citizenship, they have been hiding the truth about who his father really is.

The Terrible Truth blog, recently started in Sept/2011, is purported to be authored by columnist and internet radio show host Martha Trowbridge. The truth likely is however, that the blog is the effort of the same anonymous source that sent the Hawaii traffic court info. to Mario Apuzzo. The annymous source is no doubt the Bush/Clinton Cabal engaged in a blackmail and extortion ploy to get Hillary on the ticket, and then back into the Oval Office. See the second Obama prophecy posted below.

Who is Barack Obama's real father?

Bari Shabazz (Barack Obama) was really born in New York in October 1959 and was a love child to his bi-racial parents Jo Ann Newman and El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. Malik Shabazz and his wife Betty Shabazz were a very popular and also a well known married couple in Chicago at the time of Bari's birth in New York. The real birth name of Malik Shabazz was actually Malcolm Little.

Who was Malcolm Little and what is Obama really hiding?

Malcolm Little, the son of an African American Baptist preacher, Earl Little, was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on 19th May, 1925. Malcolm's mother, Louise Little, was born in the West Indies. Her mother was black but her father was a white man.

In 1931 Earl Little was found dead by a streetcar railway track. Although no one was convicted of the crime it was generally believed that Little had been murdered by the Black Legionnaires. Malcolm's mother never recovered from her husband's death and in 1937 was sent to the State Mental Hospital at Kalamazoo, where she stayed for the next twenty-six years.

Malcolm Little moved to Boston to live with his sister. He worked as a waiter in Harlem and after becoming addicted to cocaine, turned to crime. In 1946 he was convicted of burglary and sentenced to ten years imprisonment. While in prison he was converted to the Black Muslim faith.

After his release from prison in 1952 he moved to Chicago where he met Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Nation of Islam sect. He changed his name to X, a custom among Muhammad's followers who considered their family names to have originated with white slaveholders. Malcolm soon became a leading figure in the movement. He went on several speaking tours and helped establish several new mosques. He was eventually assigned to be minister of the mosque in New York's Harlem area. Founder and editor of Muhammed Speaks.

Malcolm rejected integration and racial equality and instead advocated black power. Malcolm X began to advocate violent revolution. In a speech on 9th November, 1963: " Look at the American Revolution in 1776. That revolution was for what? For land. Why did they want land? Independence. How was it carried out? Bloodshed. Number one, it was based on land, the basis of independence. And the only way they could get it was bloodshed. The French Revolution - what was it based on? The landless against the landlord. What was it for? Land. How did they get it? Bloodshed. Was no love lost, was no compromise, was no negotiation. I'm telling you - you don't know what a revolution is. Because when you find out what it is, you'll get back in the alley, you'll get out of the way. The Russian Revolution - what was it based on? Land; the landless against the landlord. How did they bring it about? Bloodshed. You haven't got a revolution that doesn't involve bloodshed. And you're afraid to bleed. I said, you're afraid to bleed."

Malcolm was suspended from the movement by Elijah Muhammad after he made a series of extremist speeches. This included his comments that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was a "case of chickens coming home to roost".

Malcolm X was shot dead at a party meeting in Harlem on 21st February, 1965. Three Black Muslims were later convicted of the murder.

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