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Print | Shriners may shut some hospitals; Sacramento likely safe
Freemason News and Reviews - Apr 25 2009

PORTERVILLE, CA -- Isn’t it amazing when those pious protectors of the NWO, who clown-around in those monkey mobiles, cry foul when they’re black-balled by their buddies ? For years the shriner’s have been getting away with gutting the gifts from those who donate to the shriners hospitals. Many assumed, that most - if not all of their donations, would be given to these hospitals. Not the case !

Thanks to the efforts of investigative journalists Sandy Frost and others, the insiders are now outsiders and the mess that these masons left will cause undue hardship on those hospital employees and those who need the services of those hospitals. I, for one, believe that EVERY FREEMASON needs to be ashamed of this scam and needs to demand an open audit of all of their finances, not just the shriners but each and every lodge.

But the sad state of the minds of the masons is this – they fear the lodge more than they fear the LORD. But one day, they’ll learn about that fear and I’m sorry to say, that day might be too late.

I have talked with many masons who claim to know the LORD but their actions demonstrate otherwise. I have heard their racists’ remarks from some of the top shrines and from the blue lodge members at the 303. I have sat with many who have {demitted} left the lodge and have personally told me that their religious rituals quenched their own spirit and they had to leave. “To be on the inside comes with a price, one mason told the Post. You slowly slide into a slow death and after a while you begin to turn your back on the GOD and renege on promise because of your oath.”

The framework of Freemasonry - over the years - have been used by many to control and influence the affairs of Kings, corporations and currencies. They creat the illusion that it’s much better and safer if a freemason is in control, thus their motto – Order out of Chaos.

Basically, those masons who are not shriners {32 and 33 degree} have been trained to say nothing and to look the other way {per masonic law} or suffer the consequences. And as a reward, the “Great Architect of the Universe” will grant them more light. The problem with this light is they rarely shed it on themselves to become “Better Men”. They apply this light to become better businessmen.

If you know of someone who is a mason and continues to believe that they have the greater light and greater role in governing the affairs of kingdom’s, corporations and currencies, let them know that their masonic world view is setting the stage for the antichrist, his false prophet, the one who opposes their faith in GOD.

Please let them know that JESUS CHRIST, died for their sins and if they repent and come out from among them, their hearts will be renewed and their souls will be saved and spared from the judgment to come.

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