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Print | Christopher Gudino - A Mission Minded Man
Post Faith Articles - Feb 22 2009
by Post Editor : editor@portervillepost.com

2008 California Youth Convention
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Chris & President Steve Edwards
Christopher Gudino : Today
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Mission to Republic of Fuji

PORTERVILLE CA. - In Chapter 20:16 in Mathew's Gosple of the Bible {KJV} it says "... for many be called, but few are chosen" and for Christopher Gudino from Porterville, that meant answering the call to Missions - which also meant leaving his place of comfort, his home, family, friends and his Church. Additionally it meant his measure of faith had to be increased to prepare him for a missions trip to the Republic of Fiji.

The first time the Post interviewed Mr. Gudino, was inside one of the exit isles of Town and Country market. Christopher and his family was preparing to check out as was I and that's when we first struck up a conversation about the LORD. Christopher couldn't wait to express his faith in JESUS CHRIST and how GOD was moving in his life and preparing him for this mission.

Christopher, who attends the Gospel Lighthouse in Porterville, shared with the Post his ideas about open doors, opportunities, evangelism and missions. But through his faith he believed that GOD would reveal where and when. He later found out, both would change to meet the needs of GOD and not the needs of Christopher - a major prerequesite for being mission minded.

In the coming days, Christopher stayed in contact with the Post and eventually we set up a time to run the story. Timing is everything in GOD's Kingdom and to be sure HE gets the Glory in all that we do, GOD allows us to exhaust our efforts in exchange for HIS ... which all admit are far better.

Christopher tells the Post the he will be leaving on July 15th 2009 and prays all will be in place before he boards the plane to Fiji. He said he wanted to thank President Steve Edwards from Global Passion Ministry who encouraged him at the 2008 California Youth Convention and caused him to really get before GOD and discover what his calling and mission is for his life.

In Christopher's lastest e-mail he wanted Porterville to know that he is excited about this mission to the Republic of Fiji. He tells the Post he will be intrically involved with the medical side of this mission through Global Passion Ministry. As well, he will be involved in evangelism, street rallies, children's ministry and a variety of cultural programs.

However, as most Christians know, GOD puts the call or desire in one's heart to missions. GOD looks at the measure of a man's heart and looks at the measure of the mission, puts them together and then looks for mission minded men at that local body of believers - Gospel Lighhouse - to back those they send abroad. It's that body of believers who become the financial support system for missionaries and many times that local body of believers expands that missionaries support system to other congregations. That's where the Post also comes in ... to spread the word.

Christopher's trip will be over seas and his contact information may change from time-to-time, so for now, you can e-mail Mr. Christopher Gudino at {godlives_2009@sbcglobal.net}. As well, the Post understands that sometimes e-mails get funny and don't work right, so ... if that happens you can e-mail the post {editor@portervillepost.com} with your prayers of support.

Christopher, informed the Post through another e-mail, that he really wants to come and share with your local Church before he leaves on July 15th to Fiji. He'd like share with the youth in your Church about his calling and mission, hopefully inspiring others as well.

Lastly, the Post asks that you send your financial donations to the Post. We will contact Mr. Gudino as soon as we receive your donation. And while he's away, we take whatever you mail to the Post, straight over his Church and if there's any tax deductible returns that you will receive through this Church, please include your full contact and return mailing address. This would be greatly appreciated.

The cost for Christopher's plane ticket, food, dorm, and basic living expenses comes to about $ 2,545 dollars. Most of the time you can just about double that number just to make sure all bases are covered. Additionally we need to make sure that he travels to the Republic of Fiji, not with a hat-in-hand but with a special offering from America. You understand what I mean. So please donate greatly ... as if it were your own son on a mission.

Please sent to :
The Porterville Post
C/O Christopher Gudino
Post Office Box 925
Porterville, CA. 93258

Thank you and GOD Bless you, your brother in christ -- Christopher Gudino

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