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by Porterville Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta



Most folks flip their T.V. channels quickly when it comes to commercials from the government asking you to be prepared in case of emergency. They have in the "Back of their Mind" a plan, which may incorporate some of the government suggestions. My guess is 80 percent won't even have a plan for their immediate family, let alone incorporate what the government suggests. The sad thing is, these same folks will click though their T.V.'s and will watch some survivalist sit-come program and still fail to prepare.

These folks will be on the second bus out - not the first - the second. Why ? Because their trying, at break-neck-speed, to put together some survivalist stuff that might get them through and before their done taking stock and the family starts to make their demands and asks ... "What are we gonna do ?" ... "What are we gonna do ?" ... and the pressure will get to them and off they go ... onto the buses - if not on day one then for sure on day two, when the rescuers and volunteers come through.


In the initial hustle and bustle of emergencies folks emotions tend to create a crisis all on their own. We've already covered a little about that and how to stop these secondary accidents waiting to happen, so I won't linger any longer re: individual distractions and mass distractions - just beware, they'll be there in the beginning and until the end.

If you are preparing to stay and wait it out - as many can and will - others in your neighborhood will know who has stayed behind. Once these folks have left or were evacuated, the authorities will be taking stock and asking them questions as to who they need to retrieve or rescue from your neighborhoods that you fled from. This is their job as "First Responders" and secondarily as "Rescue Volunteers." I would do the same ...

As an adult, they'll leave you alone - in the first search and rescue "Survey". What they're initially looking for is anyone who's hurt, old folks who cannot travel by foot and any children running around looking lost and hungry ... including yours. So do not let your children out unless you are with them.

These initial rescue teams might be some of your neighbors coming back with outside rescuers. That's usually par for the course. Be on the look out for these neighbors within the team and try to meet up with them away from your home to let them know you are okay, or that you with another rescue team who has come back in the neighborhood to help others get out as well. Once that is done, stay out of sight - in another persons home or property - until these rescue folks are done with that initial survey. In doing this, the authorities have counted you as someone alive and made your way out.

Now, once they get to your home or dwelling - looking for surviver not looters - one of the first things they'll notice is the outside and the doors. Are they still in good condition and are the doors all locked. If your home is a-okay your half way home. If your doors are locked and they can't get in, they'll call in to get permission to kick in your front door, causing a lot of damage.

So ... when you temporarily leave your home - to avoid their detection - leave either your side door unlocked our your back door ... NOT YOUR FRONT DOOR !!!

Next, make sure that you leave a note on one of those open door(s) informing your relatives that you and yours are okay and have left to get grandma and grandpa and will meet up with them in another location or city ... as planned. Let then know your phone is acting funny and you keep getting different people on the line when you call anyone. Make sure that you leave a phony contact number or one that connects to a food vendor or restaurant. This way the authorities might believe your heading in that direction.

Once the rescue teams have left the area you need to go back to another vacated house next to or near your home to watch over your home ... for other rescue teams or looters, 'cause the looter will be doing the same thing ... watching you and them.


Okay, you've made it through the first day (without detection) and think you've got it made ... maybe. You've taken the time to tell your family and friends - way in advance - that you are prepared to stick it out and they have said that they'll all rooting for you ... except your mother or grandmother ... in about a day or two after the emergency.

Yes, believe it or not, your family members will be the ones who will accidentally and emotionally rat you out. Not because they are against you - not at all. It's because they are truly concerned for your health and safety, and I would feel the same and possibly assist the rescuers as well. The rescuers, I'm here to tell you, will be back. Maybe not the next day, but they will be back.

The looters - on the other hand - will be back the second day. Count on it !!!

Looking out for looters will be job number one on day two. In the beginning they will rummage through their own nearby neighborhood(s) - supposedly looking for survivors - and by day two they will be looking to extend their rummaging outreach.

These early looters are either those who have failed to prepare for a disaster and emergency or they're part of a lingering criminal gang. In either case, "these looters" must be avoided or confronted. If you are anywhere near these types avoid them like the plague ... even if you have more than adequate protection. Just keep moving and keep to yourself.

These criminal looters, secondary anarchists, have done some gang-like preparations for "Their Neighborhoods". They will be the first ones to ransack the local convenient store(s) and the nearby homes surrounding that local mom-and-pop grocery store. They'll grab the booze and cigarettes first and leave a few of their hommies to claim and protect what's left in that little store. This happens all the time. So please do not confront these criminal gangs. Let others involve themselves.


By day three, you may have bumped into other like minded folks from your neighborhood. Hopefully they're on the same page as you and do not need any supplies or more than adequate protection. That is a good thing, again, if they've kinda close to your neighborhood. If not, then for your collective protection, someones gotta move ... either closer to you or you closer to them. In either case this is when you are both open for attack by the looters. Keep that in mind. Is it safer to move or safer to stay ?

One of the biggest reasons folks want to get together ain't about protection ... it's about water, food and supplies ... and they are running out. Yes, people will say and do what they need to say and do, if one of their immediate family members is hungry, hurt or emotional. I can't blame them, however, to help them may endanger you and yours ... so ... check in with GOD re: that issue. Got it ? Alright then ...


Okay ... this one should be a no-brainer. When your supplies have run out, when the neighborhood has no more rescuers and volunteers coming and going and all you hear at night are the streams of women, the cries of children and the sounds of shots being fired ... it's time to leave ... for good.

Leave it all behind. GOD willing and if the creek don't rise - again - you'll live to see another day.


Again - I repeat - the above informational notes are simple and basic ideas that may save you and your family. Please feel free to expand on these to you own liking and needs.

May GOD prepare and protect your hearts as you prepare to protect you and yours.


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