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The Porterville Post | On-Line News and Info | Emergency : What to Do


by Porterville Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta


FIRST BASE : What Kind of Emergency Is It ?

Other than an EMP blast from the sun or a nuclear explosion, you will still have various forms of communication - Phone, E-Mails, CB's, Ham Radios and Walkie Talkies to help you make a decision. You should still have some forms of transportation and can relocate at your own convenience ... before BIG BROTHER comes in.

SECOND BASE : What Day and Time will you Travel ?

If an EMP blast occurs you will not know what day or time or direction to travel. This must be worked out in advance. If there are multiple families and friends involved, scheduling must take place well in advance of an EMP blast, or chaos will ensue.

Traveling by day has it's risks - (People will assume you're heading in a direction that may have some supplies or shelter and might follow you.)

Traveling by night has it's risks - ( People may rob or assault you easier.) It's better to travel in the morning, in small increments - not to draw attention from lookers, looters or others.

Additionally, always look like you are lost, helpless and hungry, or you will draw an unruly group.

THIRD BASE : What Forms of Transportation Are Needed ?

All forms of transportation should be working if an EMP blast doesn't occur. If a blast does happen, the only means of transportation will be either by foot, bicycle, hang glider, or by an animal. In any of these cases, folks - if they sense that you know where to go for help or food or supplies - they will tag along with you ... as you would follow them.

If traveling by foot for 8 hours, you might be able to travel a distance of 25 miles, if you walked at a rate of 3 - 4 miles an hour. By bicycle, for 8 hours, you might cover a distance of 120 miles, at a 15 miles an hour. And by horseback, possibly 75 miles in most terrains. By any other form of flight, you'll have to take off in the cover of night, or you will be followed from the sky to your location.

HOME BASE : The Final Assembled Location !!!

Home Base should not be more than 25 miles away !!!

Home Base should be well stocked with supplies before other families members and friends arrive.

The supplies should be put there by those family members who are assembling at this Home Base ... well in advance.

Once all of the supplies have been assembled at the final location - Home Base - the area must be patrolled and guarded for the next week or so before traviling further away from the effected area(s) of emergency.

Another team must venture to the neighbors to the north, south, east and west, to secure those areas from looters and vandals ... expanding your Home Base safety area(s).


The primary objective in any emergency is safety. The second is communication(s). The third is sustenance. The fourth is traveling. The fifth objective is re-entry. The sixth is re-occupy. The seventh objective is re-construction of property, neighborhood, and the community.


The above informational notes are simple and basic ideas that may save you and your family. Please feel free to expand on these to you own liking and needs.

May GOD prepare and protect your hearts as you prepare to protect you and yours.


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