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Marshall and Molly
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Print | Traveling with Lucky Lucy and a Little Logic
Right With Me - Jul 14 2009
with Marshall and Molly : marshall@portervillepost.com

Right With Me - with Marshall and Molly

We recently purchased a RV and Debbie immediately named her Lucky Lucy. We had just watched a DVD of a 1950's movie "The Long Long Trailer" with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez. We laughed and were entertained with all their adventures. Lucky Lucy is a 1993 Toyota PU with a Winniebago body on a 1 ton axle. We had struck a bargain with Lucky Lucy's care and maintance, each agreeing to areas of Lucky Lucy we are responsible for. I got the auto part of Lucy which includes everything under the hood, all of Lucy's appliances, holding tanks, electrical, hoses, etc. Debbie got the home part which includes everything from the driver's compartment back . Debbie's first project was to fill every available space inside Lucky Lucy with cataloged and necessary travel items. My first project was to make sure the tires didn't burst from overload. We were ready.

Our first trip was to the Mojave Desert by way of Highway 58 East to 14 North, with a stop to see our friends at the Bureau of Land management (BLM) / Forest Ranger Station at Jaw Bone Canyon. This is a easy on and off stop with pit toilets. The staff inside the station are helpful and friendly. They offer a variety of books, maps and have a "museum" with local rocks and history. We headed North on 14 with Debbie taking a turn driving Lucky Lucy. I had driven on 58 as the road grade was steep and I wasn't sure how Lucky Lucy would pull up that grade to Techachapi. She did great. Debbie was having a good time, Marshall and Molly (our Queensland Heeler) were happy. We were ready.

We missed our first turn and promptly engaged in a round of " Who's On Third". The expletives began flying and Molly dove under the table as tempers flared. It was soon decided through the use of logic that it was logical that I was wrong, based on the argument she could not be wrong. (I just love logic; it makes the most difficult situations easy.) After making the proper turn we were on our way and were headed towards Highway 395. Debbie, Marshall and Molly were happy rolling down the RV Trail. We were ready.

Our dry campsite included a beautiful view of the surrounding valley and mountains near the Trona Pinnacles, and Debbie wanted to park Lucky Lucy. After missing the spot on the right side, then on the left side, tempers flared and expletives began flying. Thank goodness for logic; it was soon agreed upon that it was logical that I was wrong because I was not driving. Debbie was happy and Marshall was happy and Molly happily crawled out from under the table. We were ready.

A weekend of fun soon followed which required the dumping of holding tanks and refilling of water tanks. We traveled to our nearest dump area with the assistance of our RV Dumping Atlas. I soon realized why I had been assigned to this dangerous task. Did you know that "poopy" can travel at very high velocities through RV dump hoses when a little gravitational assistance is applied. Be sure to secure the ends of the hose before turning "poopy" loose. With all areas properly hosed and serviced we were back on the road again.

It was Marshall's turn to drive. Debbie was happy, Marshall was happy and Molly was happy. I missed my first turn and we promptly engaged in a round of "Who's at fault". Using deductive reasoning we concluded it was my fault because I could not have possibly seen the turn on the map, because it was folded up, and driving at the same time. Aw, that logic sure will help a feller out when properly applied! After making the appropriate turn on Highway 58 heading home, Debbie took over driving on the ride back and Lucky Lucy handled theTechachapi grade without difficulties. Debbie was happy, Marshall was happy, and Molly was fast asleep. WE WERE READY..to be home again!

Marshall and Molly ... Right with Me

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