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Make It Right© - Aug 30 2012
with John Hardin : jshardin@ocsnet.net

Make It RIGHT - with John Hardin

In the last few weeks, I have read in the Recorder how PUSD will use funds from their $90 million bond/TAX to build a new athletic stadium at the adult school, a swimming complex at Strathmore, repair & light existing athletic fields, light basketball courts, upgrade district technology, replace portable classrooms, etc.

At the Monache back to school night, principal Dick Smithey stated that Monache would get their own stadium, auditorium, performing arts center & new campus center with the funds raised by this bond/TAX. Using a back to school night to push the districts political agenda was completely inappropriate but I digress.

Every PUSD campus is making the same shallow promises in an attempt to garner votes for this scam of a TAX initiative. This type of smoke & mirrors happens because the district has NOT provided a true project list for the voters to review prior to the election. Potential projects tell us nothing about how the funds will actually be spent and that is by design.

I find it very hypocritical that a district, that did not even put athletics in the top 10 of Snavely's priorities recently, is trying to use athletic promises to get support for this massive new layer of TAX.

The district has never supported athletics in the past and we are supposed to provide them a $90 million blank check and believe that they will support athletics now?

Let's not forget this new TAX is based on assessed values of homes and will cost local home owners roughly $180 million when amortized over the next 40 years. Maintenance, improved lighting, fixing faulty air conditioners etc. should be and should have been paid out of the district's general fund.

However, in order to continue to support the district's wasteful spending, top heavy budget and practice of providing virtually free trustee health and welfare benefits for existing and past board members (for life), dollars need to be raised elsewhere thru a new bond/TAX initiative.

Why is the district not explaining their intent to provide students with free IPads? No one is a bigger sports supporter than I am having donated countless hours of my time and money to various youth programs.

However, until the district says exactly how each and every penny will be spent and does away with the massive budget fat like trustee perks and wasted trips to Harlem,

I encourage everyone to vote NO to this new and massive layer of TAXATION. We understand a money grab when we see one. We are taxed enough already.

John S. Hardin -- Trying to "Make it Right"

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