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Print | A Cop with a Criminal Code of Conduct
Post News Articles - Feb 14 2010
by Post Editor : editor@portervillepost.com

As much as I thought that Sunday would provide a day of rest and relief for my daughter, who still going though a lot of emotional distress over being RAPED by one of the Porterville Police Departments criminal informant Michael Caleb Reed, today she became the target of Office Z who harassingly pulled her over in his squad car.

Officer Z, my daughter explained, pulled her over because he said that she did not stop at the street light on the corner of Olive Ave. and Indiana. She told him that she did stop and had to wait for the vehicle in front of her to stop, turn left {north} and then she did the same.

Of course if there was going to be an infraction, Officer Z would have given her a ticket. He did not. Why ? Because his motive for stopping her was to harass and intimidate her into making an unofficial statement that would clear their rent-a-snitch and RAPIST, Michael Caleb Reed.

Once my daughter asked him if he was going to give her a ticket and he said no, it was then obvious to her that there was something more sinister at play. Hoping that this PPD cop would just go away and go through the motions of a simple warning, she asked then why did you stop me ? Officer Z I stopped you because your car looked like one that was involved in a crime over on the east side of town.

At that moment it became very clear to my daughter that this cop knew this RAPIST and admitted so by asking her, did Caleb ever drive this car over there ? My daughter broke down and started flashing back to the time that this cop arrested this RAPIST for previous crimes. She NEVER mentioned the RAPIST name this crocked cop did. She became very anxious and fearful now knowing that this cop didnt stop her for a traffic violation, he stopped her to shake her down for information.

My daughter then asked him if he even read the news papers regarding this RAPIST and how come the PPD wasnt filling him in on whats happening. My guess is they did. Word on the streets is he really wants to be on the narcotics squad, and I guess he needed to step up and show the PPD Narcotics Captain that hes their new man and he will come to the rescue of the narcotic cops gone wild.

Continuing with the shake down, Officer Z then wanted to know the specifics of where my daughter was moving to, since she knew that the RAPIST Drug Dealing Dad from Lake County would put a hit out on her if she didnt find a safe and secure place to live. He asked if her contact address was the same and continued with this line of questioning, which has NOTHING TO DO WITH A TRAFFIC VIOLATION.

Just after this cop left my daughter, she called and reported what had happened and we then reported what had taken place to the Mayor of Porterville, Pete McCracken. Writing everything down himself and knowing that we were seeking legal advice for this incident as well, he gave my daughter some direction regarding this cop's criminal code of conduct.

You need to put a stop to this Chief. Call me ...

(Feb 13 2010) - RAPIST turns self in for Lesser Charges :
POST MOST WANTED : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- On Feb 12th 2010, late in the afternoon, the Porterville Police Department convinced Michael Caleb Reed local RAPISTS - to come in for further questioning regarding additional crimes of assault, domestic violence and RAPE. The Post was told by Captain Kroutil (559) 782-7404, they were in the process of obtaining confessions and waiting for additional investigative information. But for now, this RAPIST is off the streets !!! First of all I want to thank my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST for answering my prayers and the prayers of many distraught people in Porterville. Without those prayers, I do not think we could have found or captured this unrepentant RAPIST. Second, I want to thank all those folks who were afraid to talk to the Porterville Police but found comfort in helping me and my daughter find this RAPIST Michael Caleb Reed.

(Feb 12 2010) - Cops Defending Rapist : Not Victim :
POST MOST WANTED : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Its been a week since Michael Caleb Reed RAPED my daughter {Feb 6th} and hes already out on REDUCED bail. $1,500 was all it took this time for this RAPIST to be released. And that money was sent from his dope dealing father up north to another woman whom Reed continues to manipulate and eventually will RAPE, if she does follow his orders or the orders from the Porterville Police Departments Narcotics squad. {Lake County Mug Shoot} I am one upset father. From my inside view, the Porterville Police Department is in full defensive mode, not for my daughter but for this RAPIST and for their PPD.

(Feb 11 2010) - $1000.00 REWARD FOR RAPIST : MICHEAL CALEB REED :
POST MOST WANTED : by Post Editor A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Local Porterville man, MICHAEL CALEB REED, who has repeatedly raped a local woman, was bailed out AGAIN from the Visalia jail, according to Porterville Police Department Detective Green (559) 782-7409 whos working on the case and Absolute Bail Bonds. This guy is armed and dangerous, said the woman who filed several police reports {Case #'s 09-9275 and 10-930}. The Post was lead to believe by the PPD that this RAPIST is a paid snitch and is working with the PPD Narcotics squad. I will personally pay $1000.00 for the wear-abouts of this RAPIST, since the woman he RAPED was MY DAUGHTER. And if anything else happens to my daughter because of the PPD negligence I WILL CIVILLY SUE EACH AND EVERY COP AND CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS.

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