(Aug 24 2008) - Homophobic Free Zones in Sydney and Gomorrah ?
Post Opinion : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Was this a political stunt as some were saying or are they really serious about creating a homophobic-free-zone in Sydney Australia ? Yes it’s true ! {Story} The city council in Sydney Australia is seriously considering rezoning a specific area that will be free of any one who fears / hates homosexuals. This is not a joke ! These city council people who fear being voted out by the homosexuals are now playing with fire … and brimstone. How in the world can anyone call the police saying … “I know that guy is homophobic because he won’t talk to me.” Or how about this, “I want that man arrested Officer … he’s with a woman.”

(Aug 23 2008) - Calling Homeland Security -- Anyone Home ?
Post Opinion : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
On August 20th the Post was informed {story} that the new phone system of the Department of Homeland Security was hacked into and several Middle East calls were made through the FEMA part of this brand new "HIGHLY SECURE" phone system. Now, all-things-being-equal, we should expect this to happen ... if everyone is equal, or knows what everyone else knows. America's protective and secret agencies have always claimed they are above the rest, but when idiotic incidents which showcase ignorance and incompetence at this level, heads need to roll and business licenses must be revoked. And if our own government conspires to do less than that, then the public must rid themselves of those public servants.

(Jul 09 2008) - Court: Wisconsin law bans sex with dead bodies :
Post Opinion : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Just when you think humanity has morally bottomed out - we read where a Supreme Court in Wisconsin had to decided if it's a crime to have sex with a dead person - a psychopathic obsession called necrophilia. And believe it or not, this court had two dessentions out of the seven Justices. For the most part, we are told by various psychotherapists, necrophilia is a backward way of establishing a relationship. {Joke} Some have suggested this type of abborant behavior can also be seen as occultic behavior / gothic behavior - a ritual {read} practiced by youth attempting to make sence of life by getting close to death. Others are now saying it's becoming a growing underground obsession {read}.

(Mar 07 2008) - Americans Don't Trust The Press :
Post Opinion : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
A new Harris Interactive poll finds that over half of Americans — 54 percent — say they tend not to trust the press, “with only 30 percent tending to trust the press.” More Americans (41 percent) trust “Internet news and information sites” than they do the mainstream media. Radio tends to do best among Americans as 44 percent say they tend to trust it.

(Feb 17 2008) - Gee ... What does that "G" stand for ? :
Post Opinion : Post Editor -
Freemason Logo For years many have wondered what the "G" stands for in the middle of the "Square and Compass". Is it a code ? Is it part of the ritual ? Does it have two meaning ? Or is it designed to throw off the profane ? Now ... your getting close. As a rule in freemasonry, there are duel meanings to their symbols - one for the mason {that's hidden} and one for those they discriminate against. As well, they need those on the outside to be kept in the dark as to it's duel meaning. At first glance you are "lead-to-believe" that the "G" stangs for God. And so ... you assume that this is a respectful organization that puts God in the middle of it's beliefs and practices -- that's what they want you to believe. Even a few "Blue-Lodge" Masons will intimate this, but when you press in for details or where it actually says that in one of their "Official" publications, they quickly clam up.

(Feb 10 2008) - 2 B 1 Ask 1 - What a waist of Time :
Post Opinion : Post Editor -
2 B 1 Ask 1 To be one, ask one : Yes in dee-dee folks, that's what the local freemasons want you to do. They want you to ask them about becoming a freemason. Do they tell you what you're in for on the way in ? Absolutely not ! They do, however, make you swear an oath to keep their secrets - once you're in - what ever those secrets are. And of course ... they lead you to believe, that freemasonry makes good men better. Well, if that's the case, then what good do they offer a Christian ? In the coming months, I'll expose the secrets of freemasonry and why it's a huge waist of time. As well, I'll even expose who's a mason in Porterville and if freemasonry has made them better ... or just better liers. This will be one of the best reads that the Post will document. Rest assured ! A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta


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