(Oct 03 2012) - Home owners should not allow PUSD "Bribes" TAX them out of their homes
PORTERVILLE, CA -- By any logical analysis, to spend millions more in a failed system without fundamental reform is utter nonsense. Bill Clinton use to say, "to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result is insanity." The PUSD meets this definition by way of its Bond Measure. To vote yes is to continue to pour millions into a failed, and in the case of PUSD, a quasi-corrupt system, i.e. political welfare the providing of legacy benefits to former board members, something on the same morale scale as what took place in Bell, California.

(Jul 12 2012) - French prove California's a failed & Currupt state
PORTERVILLE, CA -- California High Speed Rail Authority proposes to spend $68 Billion for a $34 Billion Project. California is financially, socially, and morally bankrupt. For years, California, beginning with Jerry Brown's first terms as Governor, has been what I call "an interesting social experiment", an interesting social experiment that has been an abject failure as demonstrated by its fiscal, social, and cultural state of affairs today. California is no longer the "Golden State" for which the late great Al Jolson sang "California here I come".

(Jul 08 2012) - It's The Culture Stupid
PORTERVILLE, CA -- As the Presidential silly season heats up, all the talk has centered on the "economy", or "getting Americans back to work", or "job creation". All of this talk is essentially a Trojan Horse designed to distract Americans from the real issue. It's the culture stupid. While this may sound incredible, it is true, all that ails the United States economically is easy to fix. The real cancer on the American soul is America's cultural decline.

(Jul 02 2012) - Yes - The Gay Agenda Exits & It's Dangerous
PORTERVILLE, CA -- During the California Prop 8 Debate, many supporters of Prop 8 said that their opposition to Gay Marriage was based on the so called "Gay Agenda" and its assault on the Traditional Family and Family Values. Gay Leaders have denied these charges, but the facts prove otherwise. California Voters voted to amend the State Constitution in order to protect traditional marriage as it has been established and practiced for time and eternity by every culture on the globe.

(Jun 30 2012) - Congress Must Review John Roberts Competency
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Conservatives embraced John Roberts when George Bush nominated him to replace the late William Rehnquist as Chief Justice, a move in obvious haste and not given much thought, very much in keeping with many Bush decisions. I am an orthodox Christian Conservative, I never embraced Roberts. One need only look at Roberts's background to understand his siding with the liberals. Roberts entered private law practice in 1986, just 19 years before his appointment as Chief Justice, a very shallow record for a candidate for Chief Justice, as an associate at of Hogan & Hartson As part of the firm's pro bono work, Roberts worked behind the scenes for gay rights advocates, reviewing filings and preparing arguments for the Supreme Court case Romer Vs. Evans in (1996), which Gays describe as "the Gay movement's most important legal victory."

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