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Central Valley Shofar's usher in the Spirit
Post Faith Articles - May 05 2008
by Post Editor :

Where the Spirit Leads we shall Follow :

One of the biggest spiritual struggles that men and women in Christian circles have had throught the centuries was to clearly hear from GOD's Spirit and then to perform those functions or directions "The Spirit" provided. "GOD is GOD" one participant explained "... and HIS Word {Bible} says HE will pour out HIS Spirit in the last days, however, it's up to the Believer who hears HIS Voice too move by Faith and put into action what the Spirit spoke."

And in Lindsay, participants came from Sacramento, Fresno, Squaw Valley, Tulare, Porterville, Lindsay, Visalia, Pasadena, Hanford, Pixley, Teviston, Exeter, Strathmore, Terra Bella, Bakersfield, Tollhouse, Mexico and Guatamala. Many of these Christians who had been walking by Faith responded to the call, heard the sound of the Shofar's and heard how GOD was getting ready to move in a Mighty Way ... in the Porterville and surrounding areas.

Assembly Candidate Becky Maze, who's been a member of Aglow International and who's running for the 34th Assembly seat joined Ms Thompson on stage to share a little about herself and to pray for GOD's guidance. Those who did not know her before, heard her spirit that night and felt like they had known her all along.

If there was theme that night - it was this ... "GOD, in the last days prophecied to use the Hispanic Believers to help in the end-times Revival." This prophetic message not only came from special speaker Karen Cosio but from many participants. And Mr. Riles, who had been recording end-time prophecies close to 50 years said ... "It was more than discussed among the folks in the audiance, it was validated many times over." People who met for the first time were sharing their dreams with each other and were amazed at how similar their messages were, the Post also discovered.

But the Spirit needed to confirm his WORD in a Mighty way, so ... Ms Patricia Thompson, the events organizer, had two local Pastors Rudy Ramirez and John Altermat come forward to perform a ritual that the LORD JESUS CHRIST performed on His Disciples -- that of washing their feet. Symbolically, the pain and the prejudice was washed away and put under the Blood. And on May 5th. 2008 the Seal of the HOLY SPIRIT was put upon these two Pastors as "End-Time Leaders" and "End-Time Prophets".

They sang, they danced, they waved their flags and beat their drums ... all before the LORD.

And then Ms Thompson, one more time, obeyed the Spirit and spoke the word. By all acounts, the audiance appeared to know the LORD and to hear HIS Voice, and yet by Faith Ms Pat Thompson said yes to the Spirit and gave the invitation to accept JESUS CHRIST as LORD and Saviour, and another was added.

"Last Days Prophecies", the Post wants people to know, are increasing more and more. And as well, the Bible says there will be false prophets increasing during this time, but if you are not use to hearing the HOLY SPIRIT now, how will you know what to believe, let alone ... who to believe ? This is a sure word, to get into the WORD OF GOD and study to show thyself approved. Any man or woman who has determined to compare what the "Spirit says" with what's only reported or recorded, has only half the story.

The Post highly advises that those who are Called by HIS Name, to spend time with the "HOLY SPIRIT" in these last days. And the Post also needs you to know, that we encourage your prayers for the Post. Being on the front line, like we are, means we really have to listen to the SPIRIT and to post those stories on the Post, that are true and lift up the Name of JESUS CHRIST !!!

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