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Open House at Fire Station No. II
Post News Articles - May 31 2008
by Post Editor :

Today the Porterville Fire Department had an open house and invited the public to come and see how their local home-town hero’s practice saving lives and putting out fires. As an added feature, the public had a chance to watch the Tulare County Fire department use Porterville’s training station and equipment.

Captain Jeff Dodd -- who’s been in the department for 14 years and works at Fire Station No. 2 -- told the Post, “ the new fire chief wanted the department to be more pro-active and people orientated this year. He wants to make sure the citizens know that we know what we’re doing.”

As well, Captain Dodd shared, “For those who may be interested in becoming a fire fighter, we’re starting up or reserve program again. And that’s for young adults who are at least 18 years of age, have a driver’s license and are willing to take a physical agility test. All you have to do, he continued, is go to the personnel department at city hall and fill out an application. They will keep it on file and if you’re still interested, we’ll give you a call to come in for an interview and once a week will check that qualified list … and take it from there.”

Lt. Mike McGill told the Post that the men work in three rotational 24 hour shifts {A/B/C}. They start at 08:00 and end that shift at 08:00 the next morning. “At times, Lt McGill said, we’ll have only 3 guys on a shift – the minimum, but we usually have anywhere from seven to ten, depending on our duties and the needs of the community.”

Today, Porterville’s First Responders and Fire Fighters showed the public how to “Stop, drop and roll”, what they use to put out your basic fires and of course told some great rescue stories – you had to have been there.

However, there were a few questions that needed to be asked and the first one involved “Measure H Money” … you remember, the sales tax increase to help our local police and fore departments. And the answer was yes ! The Post could see that the department was able to purchase better equipment and a new emergency 4x4 F-350 fire truck – the one behind Lt. McGill.

As well, the Post was told that Fire Station No. II {500 North Newcomb} was building a new training building, just behind the firehouse. {pic}

The second big question from the Post was, “Are we prepared for any natural disaster ?”

Lt. McGill did state that the city was updating their plan and working to have it match up with the “Office of Emergency Service”, however, he wanted to make sure that those who wanted to know for sure should contact the city.

The Post did suggest to Captain Dodd, that the city needed to use some of the public’s “Measure H” tax money to start preparing the public for an emergency or natural disaster. Many other cities have already brought their public on board and their local businesses and the Pot believes we must do this now !

Here’s a suggestion --

The city should develop a emergency pamphlet and then mail it to every resident in the city limits of Porterville. This pamphlet should include what to do in a flood, a freeze, and an earthquake. This pamphlet should be numbers according to each house hold and each citizen can qualify for a lower insurance rate if they take and pass the test. The code enforcement officer can be called to test on sight at any business, college or home to sign off on the test.

If everyone knows what to do and where to go in an emergency, then we will not bog down the emergency system in the first 72 hours. We must develop a plan now !

PLEASE PRAY : Dear Lord, I ask that you will cause our public officials to heed these words. I ask that you awaken the Christians in the Porterville area and have them pray accordingly. I ask that those who are in the way of letting good and righteous people do your will, either step aside – or be removed, in JESUS Name.

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