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Thanks Nagi for the Gas Price War in Porterville
Post News Articles - Aug 16 2008
by Post Editor :

PORTERVILLE, CA. - Once again, Nagi Mossen from C & L Mini Mart dropped his gas prices, telling the Post, “This is what American’s do when times are hard and prices are high. And maybe by next week we will drop our process again to maybe $3.95 a gallon. I just felt bad for the people, continued Nagi, they kept coming into the store complaining about the high gas prices and having to take the bus, ride a bike or walk. I just thought to myself, someone has to do something, and I guess that someone will be me.”

Originally from Yemen, Nagi Mossen came with his family to Porterville in 1990. Working for different store owners, he eventually saved enough money to purchased C & L Mini Mart 7 years ago.

This gas war started in Porterville last week when Nagi listen to the people. Nagi told the Post that he wanted to be the first gas station owner to lower his gas prices below $4.00 a gallon and keep it there as long as he could. Well he did and has lowered it again since then and is looking forward to lowering his prices below $4.00 for a third time.

However, Brittany Cranford an employee from The Lake Express Market told the Post, “we’ve lowered our price down to $395 a gallon about three weeks ago. We had to - just to compete with the other stores in the area by Lake Express and the low gas prices from the casino.”

Today, the Lake Express Market is at $388 a gallon, which was lowered in the last few days and they want the public to know, they have the lowest gas prices, just outside the city limits of Porterville.

The folks in and around Porterville want to thank Nagi from C & L Mini Mart and Brittany from The Lake Express Market for doing the right thing.

And we want to also thank all the other local “Mom-and-Pop” stores for following in their foot steps. We know that you lowered your prices for the people. We can only pray that the other Big Oil company gas stations in Porterville would be big enough to do the same.

And a Special Thanks to all the Gas Station Owners Below : We Love All of You Guys

FINAL NOTE : We’re sacrificing our men and women for your oil war, shouldn’t you sacrifice some of your profits for our gas war ? Lower your prices NOW !

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