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These Gang Summits Are Catching on ...
Post Gang Info - May 12 2008
by Post Editor :

Today in Visalia, the Tulare County Gang Prevention Task Force met at the Tulare County Office of Education to up date it’s members and others who were interested in stepping up. Supervisor Phil Cox, as always, opened up the meeting and asked all who were there to introduce themselves and then they received the “Wrap Up” of all that took place with the Cutler-Orosi Gang Summit.

Ms. Logan Robertson - 528-6949 shared that the Marth 12th 2008 Gang Summit was a success. At first their committees met weekly, to get well connected and then they ran with it. All total, Ms Robertson said that 4000 {English/Spanish} flyers were handed out to the high school kids from that area and it was reported by the fire marshal, that 2,200 people attended the summit and participated. In conjunction with those numbers, Ms Robertson said they handed out about 800 “Feedback Form” with good results.

They were also prepared to handle “Breakout Sessions” both in English and in Spanish. Learning from other gang summits, they held both these sessions for the youth and for the adults, again with good results.

Will this new Cutler-Orosi Gang Summit become an annual staple of guidance and support for the community ? “You bet, says Ms Robertson, and we plan to take it into the high schools with the students competing to sign the “Safe and Neutral School” pledge. Our goal is to collect at least 600 signatures from 6th to 12th grade. And to follow up on a request from one of the students, we put together a web page on myspace called, ”

Captain Dal Cleet also spoke to the Gang Prevention / Intervention Task force and updated the group on the trips to Los Angeles and to San Jose. In San Jose, they have the city in divisions, says Captian Cleet and it seems to be working good for them. They come to their respective meeting, already knowing each other because they are from the same division or district. So they collectively know who and what to look for."

Since many other towns were now on board in Tulare County, Dinuba said they were looking at having their first gang summit sometime in late September of early October. Exeter and Ivanhoe representatives stated they too are preparing the way for summits for their towns and schools.

And that left little ole’ Porterville to announce they too are preparing their community for a gang summit. And low-and-behold, it was Mrs Martinez – City Councilman Pedro Martinez’ wife who made that announcement … and what an announcement.

To-say-the-least, wasn’t on her agenda. Forthrightly Mrs. Martinez gave a concise run down on what’s been happening with the new Boys and Girls club and shared that sometime in September Porterville’s new gang summit committee would be in place and ready to role.

As a side note -- the Post wants to personally thank City Councilman Pedro Martinez for lending us your wife. You are truly honored to have such a person as a wife and help mate. Both you and your wife have our support.

And last but not least, two from Porterville’s very own Gang Watchers were there to keep everyone honest and on track. We had a great time and actually learned a few things this time … like who’s really going out into the “Highways and Byways” and actually mentoring or ministering to these gang members. So … please pray for this new gang summit committee for the Porterville area. We must make sure that those who want to help … really want to help.

If you are interested in becoming more involved with the new Gang Summit committee for the Porterville area, please e-mail A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta at

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