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Governments Protect Governments – Not People !
Right in Porterville - Jul 20 2008
by A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta :

As a Christian who is a Conservative and Constitutionalist, I need to ask our federal government - the people’s servant - why is it when there’s any kind of trouble, disaster or crisis, the first to receive services and or protection are government servants ? Why are our tax dollars going to protect those who are sworn to protect us, the people of the United States of America ?


America was pimped out in 1913 and again in 1933 to a private group of bankers who sold our politicians on another view of federalism – one that would protect their special banking interests. Nationalism “For the People” was out, federalism “For the Bankers” was in … and it’s just that simple. The federal reserve bank belongs to private bankers and they employ our government to protect them and to bail them out and to go to war for them. “We the People” are expendable in their eyes and since they own the ink on the paper that prints the funny money that we use to barter, they believe it’s their inherit right to use the American people as a means to justify their ends. And they have done that all over the world.

Thousands of books and autobiographies have disclosed this truth over the years and to this day, our elected officials in Congress somehow got swayed, threatened, albeit blackmailed into silence with few exceptions. And those who take a stand end up, unknowingly, used by our intelligence agencies for their own conspiratorial ends.

Pictured is an old FEMA nuclear civil defense shelter / tank that was prepared for its’ employees. Whoever came up with this idea must have known that our government was so dense that it would have to make these contraptions to protect itself from a nuclear attack. During the cold-war the government built “Bomb Shelters” and the old civil defense folks would run drills to make sure we would be alright if we came under attack. Everyone went through these drills. And in the country - where we live - you were advised to put together your own type of underground “Bomb Shelter”.

Back then it was your duty to protect your family and your neighbors. And once those who were in World War II and came back saw that their homes and families weren’t protected, they sprung into action.

But things have changed over the years. It’s now considered irrational to prepare for something like a nuclear bomb. Our own government has laws which prohibit you from storing too much food and necessities. They want you to “Protect the Government” from terrorists like activities and have convinced congress to pass surveillance type bills which rob real American’s of their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

And our liberal “Store-Bought” media tarnishes and shames those who shed light on the conspiratorial nature of the government by the bankers and its’ secret agencies. These bankers and their secret agencies, societies and cabal’s have robbed America of its wealth and its’ worth. And no one dares to trust this banker’s form of government, a government that our founding fathers warned us about … years ago.

GOD has warned His people – for two thousand years - that when you see these things coming, to lift up your head, because your redemption draws near; meaning … it will get so bad that our heads will be bowed {depressed} and we will need to be redeemed or repurchased because of being sold into some form of slavery - something that’s taking place in Africa and all over the globe.


Have these evil bankers read the Bible ? Without question and they’re banking on those “Biblical Bad Times” to lend people more money. Federal banks don’t make as much money in the good times, it’s always when things get destroyed, crops are ruined or when property defaults back to the local banks – and that’s when the federal banks come out on top.

However, the big banks can still loose out to the local small town banks. Why ? Because the local folks know where these small town bankers live and when push come to shove, the local business boys will round up the local banker boys and have a good old fashion sit-down discussion. Don’t think it won’t happen – cause we understand it’s already happening – in Porterville.

Big banks and bankers fear this as much as anything. That’s why they conspire with various governments for protection. That’s why they conspire with the liberal media for propaganda. That’s why they conspire with conspirators to create discord and dissention in other nations and countries. And that’s why they conspire with a cabal of secret societies and freemasons.

If the people ever found out how fearful they really are, we could have our country back. We could leave something for future generations and have GOD’s Blessing.


Its’ always been that course of action for every form of government, to protect its’ own first and then if they have enough man power, then they’ll go and help those in need. The rational they use is this, if we fall apart then who will be there to help the people ? Answer, the people. And trust me folks, this is always the case ! In every disaster, real people do not wait for the cavalry. They see the need and instinctively, by the Grace of GOD, know what to do. They are there before the government’s first responders get there and they are there long after the government runs out of money … to help.


Get ready, cause GOD’s coming back soon !

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