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The art of collecting - COMIC BOOKS
Anti-Q's and More - Jun 10 2008
by Gayle Semple :

We are going to discuss the art of collecting, COMIC BOOKS this is a fun thing and can be very much a savings account for the collector, as the Comics do evaluate in time, in other words as they get older they get more valuable in price, but that also depends how carefully you pick and choose.

As I tell all customers, condition is everything. When they come into my store, and discover that I have Comic books, I hear the whirl of the book rack and that is my clue to go to the rack and inform the browzer that the books are in plastic for a reason and to not bend them or open them, with out my help.

"Condition is everything" -- sometimes they listen, but more often then not they will continue on bending and peeking until I put my foot down, and show them how to handle the books. The funny part is I have no trouble with the ten year olds (or younger) but the grown ups are impossible!!!!!! As a rule!

The major secret of how to always pick a great Comic Book or the best books is not always the price, believe it or not.

A genuine comic book collector needs a good reference book to see how much a book is worth and to judge the condition. The value is often based on the year it was made, the number on the book, a #1, is far more valuable then a #289, and also to take into consideration the Writers, and the Artists.

Some of the Comic book artists have gone on to great carreers as illistrators in other fields and become famous in those fields. All of these things are a consideration when you go to buy and what will become a fabulous collection in the years to come.

Many collectors are simply trying to replace the great collection they remember from childhood that someone (usually Mother) threw out when they went off to see the world, college, military, work. I hear that sad tune very often, well if whomever had only known how valuable they were it might not have happened.

I do not tell the searcher that the wonderful collection they may have had, probably kept in the worst of conditions , might not be that valuable on todays market, I am not here to destroy fond childhood memories, but I'll bet that I have at least one of those great comics and it is never too late to replace what has been lost.

Happy Hunting as always, Anti-Q's

-- Gayle Semple

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