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Post Celebrates First Year On-Line
Porterville Post - Jan 31 2009
by A.L.Lucketta :

Post Celebrates First Year On-Line -- “Who would have thought that another online news service would be needed, let alone appreciated in the Porterville area. Who ? GOD, says A. L. “LUCKY” Lucketta - Post owner and editor. “In the last year our writers, columnists, and research staff have met many interesting people with interesting stories. And believe-you-me, it’s been one exciting adventure, for all of us.”

The Post, as many have read, went online Jan 31st 2008 after the HOLY SPIRIT had moved on Mr. Lucketta to go into the online new business, the day after Thanksgiving.

Regarding the future, “We’ll continue to listen to GOD and what HE wants us to do. If HE decides that we stay on-line and not actually go into print, we will do what HE requires. We have Faith that HE will bring the right people to us to help us go into print. Until then, we have determined to have fun and enjoy the ride.”

As well, the Posts thanks our contributors, columnists, writers, online staff. We really appreciate your effort and research. Not to be forgotten, we also want to thank readers and e-mailers who gave us the heads up on many stories that the main-stream press refused to pick up.

What’s the next year hold for the Post, one reader asked ?

Well … The Post will continue to add new writers and special features as we see the need. We’ll continue with local news, features, interviews, investigations and crime.

We’re gratefully aware of our readers concerns and issues however, we will stay the course with our Christian and Conservative values. We have seen the other side and as many of us will attest, we’ve experience the darken delusions of democracy driven by dysfunctional democrats, and we have seen the light.

Post Prayer for 2009 and beyond …

GOD, grant us ears to hear, so we may pen YOUR Promises in a way to move YOUR People. Grant us the timing of YOUR WORD so those who have a heart to believe will read and respond. And finally, GOD grant us the Wisdom to direct the City Council in a way that would bring Glory to YOUR Name and not theirs. In JESUS Name, we ask.

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