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Melody Castillo Earns Post Endorsement
Post Political News & Reports - May 04 2008
by A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta :

PORTERVILLE - Sunday evening the Post observed a "Pre-Election" party held at the Pizza Factory, where one of the "vice president candidates" for the Porterville Chapter of the California Association of Psychiatric Technicians invited their opponent. And believe-you-me, the Post wanted to see {pic} that as well.

Melody Castillo, as many of her friends know her, is running a local campaign for VP position in this local CAPT Chapter. "I discovered a long time ago that I really enjoy being involved and representing others who needed a helping hand. I have done this on many levels and enjoy sharing what I know with others on my radio program, so it was only natural for me to help the local Psych Tech's as well."

Ms Castillo is a Senior Licensed Psychiatric Technician who works on the night shift at Porterville Developmental Center. Many of her friends came out to show support and some who were friends of her opponent came as well. Not to be excluded, Ms Castillo's family, children and grandchildren were there.

So ... Why is the Post endorsing Ms Castillo ? It's simple ! She's a Christian, she's a Conservative, she believes in the foundational Republican principles America was built on, and she's not affraid of hard work.

As well, when it comes time to represent the Psych Tech's in Sacramento, she'll find an easier road to travel. In Tulare County, the voter registration leans mostly in the Republican direction, as it does in Porterville. That voter base is what the politicians understand all too well and it's that voter base which keep's those doors open in Sacramento.

We at the Post Pray for a Victory for Ms Castillo and encourage all Psych Tech's to cast a ballot for her before May 15th 2008. Congratulations Ms Castillo ...

For more info call (559) 788-0670

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