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Assembly Candidate Conway addresses PARA again
Post Political News & Reports - Apr 03 2008
by Post Editor :

"Yes ... my father was in politics," Supervisor Conway initially opened, and I guess that's were I get most of my inspiration. My mother, who's 82 and still working is another reason I'm so driven. It's kinda how I was raised and who I really am. I guess you could call it Valley Values."

Supervisor Conway told the Post that she gave a lot of thought to the timing of running for the 34th Assembly District and she didn't want to run against her friend Bill Maze while he was in office but waited until he termed out.

When asked about Porterville's dam and Lake Success, Supervisor Conway stressed to the audiance ... "Democrats have a different view of our need for that water and she doesn't think that many {Democrats} in the Assembly get it. You can't re-charge the underground water systems with the little run-off we have now. You need many storage facilities and dams."

One question asked ... What are you going to do when they put pressure on you to vote a certain way ?

Answer - "Well, we have a friend across the isle who represents the northern area of Fresno and I plan to work with him some. Many get to Sacramento and get 'Domed' the first time they see the dome inside of the Capital. I don't think that'll happen to me. I'm not even concerned about having my name attached to a bill in my first year. That's the probelm with a lot of new politicians. They seem to think they need to get their name on a bill and then take it back to their constituents to say ... see, I've done something."

Q - What about school vouchers ?
A - Folks, choosing to home-school is a fine idea and vouchers ... I'm ok with that. As a matter of fact I'm a "Faith-Based" school child and I'm very happy for that experience. However, we still need to support our local school systems but our government should not leave out those who want to home-school their children.

Q - How about Congress giving away all our money to other countries over seas ?
A - I'm highly suspect to those in the United Nations who continue to ask for more and more money from the U.S. And to continue to give them our hard-earned taxed dollars is scarry to me.

Q - I keep reading in the newspaper that Visalia is pushing Porterville to sell our railway land.
A - The Board of Supervisors are against taking out those rail lines in Porterville. And the rail owner are jacking up the rates. I know that the high-speed rail idea has something to do with that, but I don’t see how the high-speed rail is going to happen either. It defeating the purpose to stop every 5-10 minutes, like we were told. So the Board is against this, because we don't want to become another pass-through town.

Q – How about Highway 65 ?
A - We are working hard on Tulare County side, but those in Kern County are not supportive. “Measure R” is what we need to put the pressure on to get those funds for that project.

PARA at it's monthly meeting gathered at El Nuevo Mexican Restuarant and gave Assembly candidate Connie Conway another chance to speak to their group. When asked why, by the Post, PARA President Mr West said ... "We used to hold our meetings on Tuesday evenings and that made it some what difficult to get regular city officials to attend. The last time we had Ms Conway, half our members couldn't make it so we made a decision to change our meeting days from Tuesday to Thursday. And since Supervisor Conway had a chance to speak again, Mr. West continued, we'll wait to see if the other candidates want another go-around."

For more information about Supervisor Connie Conway, click here or call (559) 308-0845.

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