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Assembly Candidate Win's Approval from Post
Post Political News & Reports - Mar 07 2008
by Post Editor :

Last night, 34th Assembly Candidate Becky Maze {web-site} spoke to the Porterville Area Republican Assembly and shared her political views, insights and Faith in GOD.

"If being married to someone who's been involved in political office {Bill Maze} since '92' doesn't give you enough insight into the workings of Sacramento, then you're just not paying attention. I think she will represent Tulare County as conervative as Bill did, if not better." one in the audiance told the Post.

Equally important were Candidate Maze's comments concerning her faith. Pastor Rudy Ramirez from the Porterville Rescue Mission approached Candidate Maze after the event and discussed her involvement in her personal project and seven year committment to Visalia's 'Grace Homes' for adolescent girls involved with the court.

Throughout her speech, Candidate Maze adderssed traditional family values, California's liberal courts, the state budget and water rights for people and not pets. Making sure that the audiance knew, she chimed in, " ... it was my decision to run for this office ... not Bill's. I had this in mind two years ago."

Once she opened up for a little Q and A, water again became the central issue. "Over where I run a group home, the waters wells are drying up all around the homes in that area," Paster Rudy Ramirez stated, and " ... what can we do if we have no drinking water ?"

ANSWER : "I remember when the dam was built in '64' and at that time the population wasn't that large and the area didn't depend so much on the overflow as they now depend on the underflow for many with private wells -- something big city politicians don't understand. Having only about 150 thousand acher feet released a day isn't enough for this area. We need more like 250-300 thousand acher feet of water release every day. The Republicans in Sacramento have many solutions to this problem and yours Pastor, but we can't get these ideas through the committees run by the liberal democrats. Water banking, desalination and having alternative water system such as canals an aquifers have always been the way to go."

"Although the Governor has publically stated he's going to cut spending 10% across the board, that just isn't that easy" -- Assemblyman Bill Maze said in a question posed to him at the meeting. "There are too many projects and constitutional mandates that claim a certain given percentage of California's annual budget and that would put a higher drain on the public's other human resources and of course the private sector."

SOME BACKGROUND : Mrs. Maze met her husband while attending CalPoly State University, obtained her teaching credential's and became a substitute teachers for years, while her husband went into the Army. Once he got out, they made a career in construction and local farming. Taking care of all the paperwork for their personal business's gave her a special insight into the way californian's are taxed and over-taxed.

Assembly Candidate Becky Maze Win's Approval from Post

The Post questioned Assembly Candidate Becky Maze a bit more - after the meeting - regarding her concerns for the moral condition of our state and her Christian committment. The Post tested her internal convictions / constitution to see if it was anchored by real faith or by some type of sunday-go-to-meeting churchianity. And then we prayed !

As far as the Post could tell, Assembly Candidate Becky Maze passed the test and has earned the Post's approval and support for Assembly District 34.

GOD Bless and GOD Speed ... A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta -- Porterville Post Editor.

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