Excerpt from The Egyptian-Masonic-Satanic Connection
by David L. Carrico

There is certainly no shortage of testimonies by Masonic authorities as to the relationship of Freemasonry and the Mystery Religions. According to Joseph Fort Newton, Masonry is the "spiritual descendant" of the Mysteries. Joseph Fort Newton was a 33" Mason who served as Past Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Iowa and Past Grand Prelate of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States. In his book, The Builders, he states:

Masonry stands in this tradition; and if we may not say that it is historically related to the great ancient orders, it is their spiritual descendant, and renders much the same ministry to our age which the Mysteries rendered to the olden world.

In his book, The Meaning of Masonry, W.L. Wilmshurst, the Past Provincial Grand Registrar (West Yorks) makes the following statement: It remains with the Craft itself whether it shall enter upon its own heritage as a lineal successor of the ancient Mysteries and Wisdom--teaching, or whether, by failing so to do, it will undergo the inevitable fate of everything that is but a form from which its native spirit has departed.

The book, Freemasonry Its Hidden Meaning, by George H. Steinmetz, published by Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company, calls the "teaching of the Mysteries, the true parent of Freemasonry" and states that Freemasonry is a descendent or reincarnation of the Mysteries. It is entirely out of harmony with the profound teaching of the Mysteries, the true parent of Freemasonry. If Freemasonry is the actual descendant or, if one prefers the term, reincarnation of the Mysteries, back of its "veil of allegory," then must be concealed a deeper truth than expounded in the various lectures of the degrees.

It is from this book, The Spirit of Masonry, by Foster Bailey, that we will take a quote concerning Masonry and the Mystery Religions. Bailey plainly says that Masonry is carrying on the work of the ancient Mystery schools. Study of spiritual realities found in Masonry reveals that we have perpetuated and increasingly activated the essential principals of the ancient Mystery Schools which have existed from the very earliest times.

The Masonic authority, Albert Pike, also testifies to the relation of Freemasonry to the Mystery Religions. The Mysteries, like the symbols of Masonry, were but an image of the eloquent analogies of Nature;...... Masonry, successor of the Mysteries, still follows the ancient manner of teaching. Her ceremonies are like the ancient mystic shows,--not the reading of an essay, but the opening of a problem, requiring research, and constituting philosophy the arch-expounder.

Freemason Albert Churchwood writes in his book about the connection between Freemasonry and the religion of Babylon: But the secrets these operative Masons had were received from the Chaldean Magicians.

The next documentation, a Masonic oath, the OATH OF NIMROD, is also from Churchwood's book.

Oath of Nimrod

Apprentice Degree (1st). I,...............................do , in the presence of El Shaddai and of this Worshipful Assembly of Free Masons, Rough Masons, Wallers, Slaters, Paviors, Plaisterers and Bricklayers, promise and declare that I will not at any time hereafter, by any act or circumstance whatsoever, directly or indirectly, write, print, cut, mark, publish, discover, reveal, or make known, any part or parts of the Trade secrets, privileges, or counsells of the Worshipful Fraternity or Fellowship of Free Masonry, which I may have known at any time, or at any time hereafter shall be made known unto me.

The penalty for breaking this great oath shall be the loss of my life. That I shall be branded with the mark of the Traitor and slain according to ancient custom by being throtalled, that my body shall be buried in the rough sands of the sea a cable's length from the shore where the tide regularly ebbs and flows twice in the twenty-four hours, so that my soul shall have no rest by night or by day--

(Candidate Signs the O.B.)

Given under my hand and sealed with my lips, this day of 1913.

So help me El Shaddai and the holy contents of this book.

The Masonic Lodge in Indiana makes no effort to hide its connection with the Mystery Religions. It openly boasts of its connection with the Ancient Mysteries. The Master Mason, a book authorized by the Grand Lodge F.& A.M. of Indiana and compiled by the Committee on Masonic Education, plainly shows the connection between Hiram Abiff and the Mystery Religions. The idea that lies behind the Hiramic legend is as old as religious thinking among men. The same elements existed in the story of Osiris, which was celebrated by the Egyptians in their ancient temples; the old Persians told it concerning Mithras, their hero god. In Syria, the Dionysian Mysteries had the very same elements in the story of Dionysius: for the Romans, Bacchus was the god who died and lived again. There is also the story of Tammuz, older than any of these. These are collectively referred to as the ancient mysteries. They were celebrated by secret societies, much like ours, with allegorical ceremonies, during which the initiates were advanced from one degree to another in these old societies. Read these old stories for yourself and marvel how men in all ages have taught the same great truths in the same effective way.

The book, The Master Mason, quoted above challenges the Freemason to read the stories of these Old Mystery Religions to see how they teach the same "great truths" as Freemasonry. The truth is: the Mystery Religions were the enemies of the church in New Testament times; they were pagan and Satanic, loaded with rituals that included sexual perversion and even human sacrifice. In the previous quote, the Indiana lodge proudly states that Hiram Abiff had a direct relationship to Tammuz, which was clearly denounced as an abomination by the Old Testament prophets.

Other Masonic authors also brag about the connection between Freemasonry and the Ancient Mysteries, the Ancient Wisdom, and the Occult, etc. Henry C. Clausen, 33 Sovereign Grand Commander says in his book, Your Amazing Mystic Powers: A new day is dawning for Freemasonry. From the insufficiencies of modern theology, the hopelessness of materialism, and the sterility of academic philosophy, men are turning to those eternal truths perpetuated in the arcana of the ancient mysteries.

Mason S. R. Parchment states in his book, Ancient Operative Masonry: The hierophants of the universal science and sublime philosophy taught in the Great Mysteries of Egypt, India, Persia, Chaldea and other nations of antiquity, revealed certain secrets pertaining to the finer forces of nature to such candidates as were worthy and well qualified. These faithful ones were also instructed in the doctrine of universal Brotherhood, and finally initiated into the "I am that I am" consciousness. These ideals are the landmarks, traditions and glyphics of Ancient Operative Freemasonry--nothing more.

Mason R. Swinburne Clymer, M. D., says in the introduction of his book, The Mysticism of Masonry: There are indeed many reasons why the present volume should be generously circulated among all classes of students of the Occult and Mystic, especially the members of the Masonic bodies. The vast majority of Masons smile with derision when the term "Occult Science" is used in connection with the Mysteries but, despite this, if it had not been for the Occult Fraternities, Masonry could not have existed. It is the duty of every sincere Mason who is interested in the spirit of the teachings of his Order, carefully to study the philosophy of the masters who have reconstructed the Ancient Wisdom to suit his needs, and having done so, to guide his actions in all the affairs of life so as to be prepared for his entrance into the Great Lodge hall where he must give an account of all his deeds and in return receive his "Mark."

And also from the book: All Masonry of the past dealt largely with the ethics and symbolism of the Ancient Mysteries. If the Masons of the present age will but seek for the spirit of the symbolism upon which the degrees are based, the grandest achievements in the knowledge and reconstruction will be possible and the mysteries concealed in the Greater Mysteries of Antiquity will be recovered to them.

Another Masonic author J. D. Buck 32 makes these statements in his introduction of his book, Symbolism or Mystic Masonry: Freemasonry is modeled on the plan of the Ancient Mysteries, with their glyphics and allegories, and this is no mere coincidence; the parallels are too closely drawn.

In his book, A Bridge to Light, published by the Supreme Council of U.S.A., 32 Freemason Rex R. Hutchens explains about the 23rd degree in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry: Here we begin the symbolic initiations into the Mysteries practiced by the ancients from whom Masonry has obtained her great truths.

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